New method to evaluate players in bounty

We have 3 alliances, and here the people ascend and descend according damage points.
I think it’s better add something like… How tokens get the players.
For example, if one 100 tokens enemy it’s beated by 2 members, use percentage to get the tokens you receive.
This is because the people atack just for damage sometimes, and just low enemies.
For me this isn’t fair.
And yeah, maybe just our alliance use this method, but I thinks this will help more people :slight_smile:

Yeah a lot of people stroke their egos by putting up big numbers, but in reality it’s useless if they don’t actually clean up their bounty, or make people double hit.

Leaving 5% hp on a bounty with a required hero can be worse than leaving 50% depending on the situation, because you could have applied that 45% somewhere else.

So treat your alliance like a family. Why the need to track who scores least?

Because we want competitive alliances and if we ascend one person with a lot of damage but just for low enemies, when this person be in our highest alliance can’t beat the hi enemies

I see so your not really a clan. The weakest can get lost.

Have a minimum power level and they will help a lot. You could also look at his/her hero’s to see if they have the power to even take i the higher bounties. Best of luck in the next event!

It’s tough, cause I had a 7* plat sapphyr last bounty, I hit the bounty hard, I was happy that people cleaned up after me with a weak sapphyr.

So I don’t kick those players, I also had a guy just hitting high numbers in bounties that had 3 minutes left and no possible way to clear them in time(I kicked him)

You need hard hitters and cleaners, and it’s hard to calculate how much someone collected if they hit hard or clean up

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