Bounty Teirs

Can 2 people do 300,000 bounty points?
My alliance is empty and I want to get to the top tier any reply is appreciated.
Thanks in advance

Most likely not depends on your power and activity

Milestone 1 is 300k points, this roughly equates to 50b damage. You would both need to do 25b damage. Not advised.

advise if you have nothing to do and you are only 2 lol :joy:

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Is it 50 million or 50 billion?
I understand @5DFabaure

Billion, my mistake, corrected now.

Thank you for clarification
Helped me a lot guys.

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but you really have to have the time and prepare a box of medicines or a bottle of alcohol :joy::joy::joy:

itd be possible if instead of a boosted faction they boosted astrix, carabina, siren, and alcatraz at the same time lol

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the highest i ever did was 8Billion do not try to go higher :rofl: :rofl: unless you have beer

I have done 17b before, just takes the right faction. Carabina was ideal same as Fischer, but you also have to trust your other player like a brother that they won’t quit out on you. If you do 20b and they do 1b then leave then you will have done it for nothing.

If your team total power 1m750k+ and top 5 heros 150k + you can join our alliance andd youll win it each time. Alliance tchns

Not million But BILLION.

I will share a little secret @Gale
The thing is, He is my younger brother! :rofl: :joy:

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