Bounty rewards for best member in alliance in points

Can we have a separate award within the alliance for who ever scores most bounty damage?

This will keep the interest in the bounty to proceed past their normal typical contribution. It will also make it a reason for people to continue the bounty after milestones have been met.

It could be called alliance MVP, which is given based on damage. Prizes should be alliance gems and maybe pvp gems and stamina. Those three things will make people still play.


If just an avatar, people will try harder for it.

Until the meaning of alliance rank is sorted little point

Player doing most damage might leave low hp bounties and not collect coins so they rank higher

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I agree but they need to add milestone rewards for individual who hit 1 Billion or more, some ppl can hit up to 16 billion points in bounty, adding milestone reward increase the incentive to work harder for higher rewards tier

Thanks for agreeing but say 1 billion damage is for arguement is 3000 coin wouldn’t milestome be better for get 3000 coin individually than damage.