New Bounties?

I think bounty needs to upgrade for more points, like 250 or more. We have 231. But we might need 300 points. I know there are some stronger alliances can beat 231. So, we can try 300 points.

And also, I want new rewards: milestones and ranks.
If alliance won for a rank 1, they can take skin tokens, golds, and glided crate.
Frags: 200
Pvp gems: 5k
Gauntlet: 5k
Alliance gems: 5k
Cash: 1million dollars

Your thoughts?


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they should divide the bounty hunter, like war so all alliances would receive better rewards


ok, let’s start with that, that we always exceed the 300k limit. This bounty has made 87 (!) Alliances to reach this brand as well. In fact, players are getting stronger and as a result they are doing more damage as well. How about the Milestones 500k (27 alliances) and 800k (6 alliances) with adequate rewards?

This is a great idea because this will give lowered powered alliances something to play for while giving higher rewards for the stronger ones.

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New milestones, better rewards, individual dmg leaderboards and rewards (like in pvp), bounties that gives more points but also has more damage to be beaten, new maps, etc. Lot to work on but its about time since not much was changed for a long time.

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Is it just me or does this get brought up after every bounty? Lol I feel like a bounty rework has been asked for, for a long time now.

Yup, and still nothing, they are waiting for people to start leaving the game in order to do something, a lot of people really likes bounty but its just not worth the grind anymore, we got tired to waste all that time and bucks during those 3 days for bad rewards. They need to keep game modes fresh or else they will start losing players


Is it just rangers for next bounty?

Highly unlikely…