Bring back hard raids

The August update dramatically reduced the difficulty of co-op raids. A week before the update, a friend and I spent days experimenting with compositions, strategizing, upgrading, and practicing to finally beat it. Just days later, the update made it all for naught.

That process of working the problem, spitballing ideas, and coordinating with friends was my favorite part of the game. It gave me a sense of accomplishment when we finally got it right and camaraderie with my raidmates. It took only a day to beat the level 70 dojo when we first got it, and presumably, there are no further challenges down the road because 70 is the max level. That idea is seriously eroding my interest in this game.

Please bring back very difficult raids. Add even more difficult raids so I have something to look forward to, also.


I remember when Halo had like 1M HP on Dojo 55. Now she has like 250k in Dojo 70.

I also used to love hard and engaging raids that required me to manually play and target the biggest threat at a time.

Nowadays I just pick 3 random heroes and auto it.

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