Razordomes beaten opponents

It would be nice if you could still see which teams you fought after you have beaten them. Some friends or ally members may need help to beat it, but you can not take a look at it anymore.
It was possible with Mins Dangersimulator, would be great if it would be possible in the Razordome or similar future raids too.


Would also be great if we could continue to participate in the event for some more shards even after we’ve completed it.
We have the nagging “4 daily raids are available for use” but we’re not able to do anything about it.
Most raid events, were still able to quickwin/autoplay for some hero shards even after we’ve 3-starred the final difficulty…

I vote against the available, yet unusable raids.


That is another thing. The 20 steps were all first try full auto wins. The game is lacking challenges. Our heroes get stronger and stronger, while the opponents do not move on. The develish raids are not really develish. Same as Razordome, full auto first try. The only challenge left for me is 13-9 hard (damn you Sentry gold skill).
Why not let us continue with a second round of Razordome. The strength of the opponents keeps growing as before and we get some small rewards. More shards would be great, but we already get about 250 Razor frags so we should keep it realsitic. But may some plat items like cores, knives, swords and stars.
Even if we do not get more rewards, we need more challenges. I see many top players leave or get less active. I do not think it is because of a lack of new content, but because of a lack of new challenging content.


Or add some bucks, I did like the dome, but something similar like mins danger simulator would be nice

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I do not even know if I liked it or not, since I did not pay atention to it. It was just to easy. I did not even change my line up. And this is kind of sad. I belive that they really put some effort in these raids and then you just crush them without even paying atention. The opponents, except for I think stage 17, lacked heal, so you could just wear them out and slowly tickle them down. The opponents lack synergie. It would be great to play against real teams and not just some random opponents. Imagine you would go against a level 90 Mauler, Halo, Flatline team. Or a strong Dogface protected by Butter, Nightingale and Mandrake. That would be challenging, you may would even have to play on manual and I guess I am not the only one who would love to be chalenged by the AI in a raid.

The new nightmare raids (thought they were called develish, no idea where I got that from), are easily beaten by players below 500k. And this, with all respect towards lower power players, makes them unenjoyable for me with my 750k and I do not think it gets better if you have more power. Crushing your opponents is fun once or twice. I think everyone loves destroying the gold bounty every now and then. But if you crush it all, it just gets boring.


It would be incredibly hard to design this WalleWu, what you are suggesting may be impractical.

For one, the game only succeeds in giving trouble via brute force (Hard Mission 13-9 and before that Hard 11-9). Apart from brute force no combination of heroes is going to be challenging.

But even at level 90 plat 5, the lineups you suggest are gonna be torn to shreds in seconds because, secondly, in general the game AI is terrible. It can be easily tricked by Mandrake, for instance. As for the team lineups you suggest that the computer uses… trust me the lousy AI will find the worst way to play it by shooting at cover, failing to use skills, etc. Human players have a great advantage because you can compensate huge power differentials through smart play.

Thirdly it is probably impossible to design somethng that will be challenging for the entire player base that will satisfy the 150k team power players, and the 700k players and the 1 million players at the same time. They cannot design something that only your specific segment (700k) will enjoy. Hence dynamic difficulty is really the best option they have.

The first step into this concept of dynamic difficulty was Min’s simulator where everyone got a different difficulty setting depending on where they were in the game. And they have continued this with Razordome. More will come.

In the last Razordome, low level players could not hope to pass level 8 or 9 because success was ALL based on team power. But this version of Razordome with dynamic difficulty has allowed lower ranked players to unlock all Razordome levels right up to level 20 – this is a good thing. And for the lower level players, the difficulty scaling is steeper than for us with 700/800k power.
Razordome is definitely hard for those who are lower ranked, I am not sure they will appreciate it being even more difficult.

Not too sure about that. 17 is an absolute brute for me to beat, and I don’t know if I can. Min’s Simulator was good because of that very concept, that it grew in difficulty, while still rewarding you nicely for the stages you completed.

You are right, the AI is not really a challenge itself, that is why the raids are so terrible easy. Medicore teams with a terrible AI. While it is hard to get a better AI, it is easy to give us harder opponents. Even a stupid AI can do some damage if it hits just hard enough. Give the opponent a Mandrake and maybe a Pahlanx and a Nightingale, so you can not destroy the Mandrake in seconds. The AI playing your other four heroes will do its best to mes sit up too. As you said yourself, we can only be challenged through brute force so why not having more of it.

I really like the dynamic difficutly. But in the end, it was still to easy. That is why we should get some extra steps. Let us do a second run on the Razordome whith the same opponents, but their strength continues to grow. The main rewards will be given if you finish it the first time, so the lower powered players will get it too. If I then fail half way through the second run because I am to weak, I would be okay with it. It gives me a reason to keep on improving.

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