New Daily COOPS

I am sure everyone can agree Gorgon Wakes has done passed its Daily Existence the fact that level 70 plus difficulty is 20k min power. A lot of us have done passed that power requirement. Maybe cut the 3 runs of GW down to 2 and add another daily COOP raid that unlocks once you are level 80 and have the min power level. this would be a kind of an incentive to level your heroes up. The rewards would be cash and gold for completing it. so that would add to our cash flow and gold.


Asked a thousend times
Another one wont make any difference
But guess what
No one of the devs actually care for this simple request that is requested ages ago

So keep the high spirit and keep posting your ideas no matter what
Dont loose

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Anyone want a helios co op for cash and gold? Or an all star battle where we fight every hero in game to get elemental frags.


Sounds nice but I do not want to play a coop raid where the damn animation takes 45 seconds to load and the kill is done in 15 seconds. After the first week or so, Helios coop will start to feel exactly like Gorgon.

Remember this is a co op that we have to live with, more or less permanently, so let our choices be wise! If you ask me I would strongly prefer the straightforward in and out types.

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if the characters die so fast, why do they put level restrictions
let the noobs play the hardest ones for a challenge

I think the additon of a Level 80 would be great! Many players do not do Wakes as often. Would love to see more co-op play, example Mins Simulator as a co-op…endless play!

A new tier for raid difficulty will be coming out in the next update - level 80 or 85.

Where did you hear that from? I’m curious.


Seriously Gorgon needs to go away and be replaced with something a lot better hopefully we have a new coop coming out soon?

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You know I can’t answer that :stuck_out_tongue:

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It just seems strange that a new district is coming out didn’t we just get a new district 12? I don’t know how often these come out but I am still excited to do new story missions?

I’d rather see something like mins danger simulator return, with a rank list, and maybe a coop version to push your teams limits, that would be awsome.

I actually put more time in the Simulator than I’d expected at the beginning, also because other people showed me how far they got so I needed to push to make them push, and this went spiraling up haha

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I loved Min’s danger simulator ! Unfortunately, i didn’t have as much time as i wanted to play with it. It was busy time for me.

@kraterios I mentioned that somewhere in the form! lol its above in this feed… :laughing:

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