Brogan a required hero for some bounties?!

@Devs Did you seriously consider the impact of making a super rare hero required for some bounties? That is simply ridiculous.

Getting a 0.2% drop rate 7* hero that requires 585 fragments to unlock is incredibly difficult without excessive disposable income (even the 1% drop rate for the Brogan crate is far out of reach for many)?

Did you at least consider not restricting access to some bounties for 99% of the player base? What happens when alliances fill up on Brogan only bounties and have to wait for them to expire just to continue participating? It just seems exceedingly tone deaf.

Edit: removed some of the impotent rage.


I agree. This is ridiculous

You got a freaking cheap x10 crate, naming was just bad…

This isn’t about the crate though, it’s about having bounties require a hero that MAYBE 1/1000 players has. It won’t be long before every active alliance has 25 Brogan-Required bounties sitting in the queue with no way to get rid of them. It was a terrible decision.

I have to agree. As much as the crate itself was fair, requiring him for the event is crazy. Especially when he wasnt the featured hero. Usually its the 3 star you can farm (min) and the entire faction. He should be an advantage. Not a requirement.

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I can agree to this give him the bonus don’t make him the event hero damnit.