Bounty and shivs - or lack of


So, we are less than an hour into bounty and we already have 6 targets requiring Shivs. No one on the team has this hero. This is a repeat of the whole Brogan bounty disaster and will ruin the event.

Come on devs, this is ridiculous.

Edit, now 7 targets requiring Shiv.



Between this and the arbitrary reason of having new players have the ‘enjoyment of getting a 5 star’, I wonder whether decisions made were driven more by profit or ‘enjoyment’

Also worth noting is that while there are many 5 stars heroes for new players to unlock, there is at most only 1, if not 2 event heroes that affects the meta for that whole month (including bounty). Most players playing this game for the first time would have known that many other 5 stars are not even that hard to unlock, you get the odachi offer for 750 gold which is popular amongst new players. And in case you decide to leave for vacation, you get a FREE 5 star heckler/ heimlock as your 2nd welcome back reward. Just to give a few examples…

The Brogan lesson was a painful one, hate to see that our complains just months back were so quickly forgotten. After all, actions speak louder than words.


We are now up to 10 targets no one can attack. Thank you for ruining bounty HH, and for ignoring your players complaints.


Dont feel bad i spent 9k gold and still didnt get her so im running solo now im close to deleting the game acter over a year of playing and spending

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We have few that has her but its still a struggle.

After the Brogan fiasco we all would have hoped this did not happen again. Even though I could care less about Bounty this is a legitimate problem. Are we going to have a repeat of the Brogan effect where you remove Shivs only bounties after the first day?


Be glad you can play Bounty or WAR.
I have connection issues all day.

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