Broken bracketing in war?

Can anyone explain why rank 1 and rank 2 alliances in specialist war bracket are over the bracket limit? It’s 10mil - 15mil bracket and these alliances been dominating here two wars at 17.5mil and 23.5mil total power… I feel like we are getting robbed of first place, cos we are 3rd

A very good point.
Not sure how this can be answered…

Besides, even the matchmaking in AW is still a mystery…

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My alliance total power is just 12M+ and we are fighting againt alliance with total power above 15M+… The match making in AW is same as match making in PVP

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Probably this is the case. When they applied for to participate in Season 10, they were under 15 million. Once the season started though, they gained more members, which would increase their power. Again, this is just a possible answer. Doesn’t seem fair though. They will be put in the next bracket if there power is the same for Season 11 hopefully.

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Its a sandbagging technique. They will kick 10 members, and do the war with 15, and they will change them and each war to make sure they all get a piece of the pie. They do it so they go against weeker alliances and then everyone who participated gets the overall season awards at the end.


I‘m sure they‘ll move up a bracket after this war-same happened to us

I think what they’re doing is start War 1 under 15 mil in total power, then recruit a bunch of people in war 2/3 to still be in that bracket while being able to dominate war 2 and 3. The only fix I can see is if you lock an alliance’s roster by the season to have some form of parity.

This is true, you match in war at similar equal alliances. The bracket doesn’t matter, it’s just the rewards.

In lower 3 brackets it’s like this all the time.

The bracket is calculated at the beginning of each war. If new members join, they will increase the power of the alliance, but they cannot participate in the war. If an alliance’s bracket changes between two wars in a season, they will change brackets on the leaderboard.

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Are you afraid of them passing you guys?

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Thanks for the answer to you and everyone else :pray: I understand the whole process. What I’m saying tho is that they haven’t changed in power in war 1 and 2 from what I noticed. Unless they kicked out some members whom don’t participate in war and than took them back as soon as war commenced? Highly doubt so

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