Master War Bracket

Now that we’re close to wrapping up 13 seasons in war, are there any plans of opening up the master bracket?

It feels like this is long overdue as there are many alliances over 30 million in total power, and yet, expert class minimum requirement is 15 million and higher.


Would love to see some like expert war brackets, good idea

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Yes, would love to see some changes… Im sure most are bored of War by now!

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We’re coming up to 40 million now lol, 15m bracket is a joke. They need 2 new brackets for war and PVP at this point. Master bracket should be pushed to 35m+ and a new bracket needs to go before it for 25m+. Anyone who has played at 30m will know it’s a whole different world to playing at 35m.

The same can be said for PVP, we have players at 2m now and the bracket for 1.5m is still locked!? Legendary pvp is outdated before it is even released. There needs to be a new bracket past legendary now for 1.75m+ or 2m+


I think the problem HH would be looking at is how many players would actually be in said brackets. As far as AW goes, I would have to agree there’s plenty of alliances to fill brackets above the current 15 Mil top bracket. As for PVP? There might not be as many players as you would think above 1.5 Mil. Lets say there’s 300 players above 1.5 Mil, as soon as you play one match you are in the top 500. That’s 300 frags (150/150) for one match. Or 500 players, same result. The almost Rock Bottom worst in Legendary would still get 200 frags for having a strong sneeze.

As far as I’m aware the ranks are dynamic depending on your bracket so for example on the event that just ended it went from rank 500 to top 75% in Mythic and there was no top 15%, 25% or 50% like in elite. Just removing the top 500 and having percentages which is what Elite had last round would make more sense. Elite went as follows:
Rank 1
Rank 10
Top 7%
Top 15%
Top 25%
Top 50%
Top 60%
Top 75%
Top 90%
Top 100%

If the argument can be made that not doing much would get you into the top 500 tier just remove it in Legendary like they have done so for Elite. It just makes more sense to do it that way, Mythic is a pain because you can’t see yourself move up unless you do 35m points you will stay in the top 75% and never reach top 500. I don’t see why we don’t have the percentages in Mythic like they do in Elite and if it can be done for Mythic it can be done for Legendary.


well thought out, I like it.

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I’d also like to add most alliances that are playing in the top 25 of war have multiple members over 1.5m so filling the bracket wouldn’t be a problem, up until about 1.7m you will grow around 70-100k a month easily and when there’s players like Hater The Beast doing 1.5 BILLION in an event what’s the point in trying to compete. 1.5m used to be a big number but now so many people have it, it becomes easy to reach especially with better bounty and war rewards. The bracket system hasn’t kept up with the increased growth HHG has allowed.


It really is unfair for an alliances that is say at 16 Million in total power to try to keep up with an alliances with over 36 million in total power. Chances are, the alliances with 36M will have a steady source of heronium and can 10 star 4 bar the new hero of the month immediately versus the alliances with lower power.

Opening up a new bracket will : 1. Improve the rewards and competitive nature of the top tier 2. Give the intermediate players something to play for and hopefully, continue to keep playing and growing.