Legendary bracket for above 40 million Alliance

I am co of abc07 and i want some changes in war because war is becoming boring now Days…some changes required to make war alive again…we want one more bracket for above 40 million Alliance that would be called legendary bracket because 50 million Alliances sharing season rank with 26 million Alliances…looks unfair …I hope devs take this seriously to make war alive again because I think war is most important event of this Game and look at those Alliance who are taking opponent base for better score and those are playing honestly and fighting in war don’t even get top 10 rank…fix this issue before next season… thanks hothead


Rank 9
Also why are you complaining, you are rank 11?
The top power alliances tend to be more dedicated, hence why they are top power. But it is possible for smaller ish alliances to rank high

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You need to understand my point here…it’s not vip chat bro…there is huge difference between 26 million Alliance and in 60 millon Alliance…hothead should make legendary bracket in war for above 40 million Alliance to decrease the difference between Alliance…25 to 40 millon Alliance can play expert bracket and above 40 should have their separate bracket

He just disagrees. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t understand. And I disagree with you aswell. Your point is “I didn’t win. I want all above me out of my bracket so I can win.”


This is correct we should have 40m + bracket…
I have contacts to many players who are currently in top alliance and they accept that they trade sectors to get better rank

Your alliance will be back of Abc before season ends …So I think he don’t have any problem with low power alliance and high he is just saying about trading of sectors

Keep it classy, as per forum rules. Debate the idea, but stop attacking each other.

You make the war classy bro…they are winning seasons while trading base and sectors… hothead must give these kinda Alliance zero score who trade sectors

I don’t know why you think getting snarky with a mod is going to get you what you want, but you’ve been warned. If you want to continue being a part of this community, read and abide by the forum rules, and keep your attitude to yourself. Thanks.

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Seems like we can get new bracket in Hh aniversary…Hope there would be gift for everyone