Bucks from pvp Crates? I get it April fools right? Right?

So, this is a joke right? 35000cash from a pvp box? How the heck is that worth anything? Were the rewards just too good so you felt like giving everyone the shaft? Especially newer players who are going to have to take even longer to get hero shards now.

Bad change, really really terrible… If it was 350k that would be one thing…but 35000…its a joke…

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It’s 25k-40k,

And the tables haven’t dropped, they just decreased XP and tickets, filled this up with bucks

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Well, fragment chances were 4,8% if I recall correctly. Now its just 3,4%.
There are 8 possible heroes to draw, so 8 x 1,4% = 11,2%
The chances to draw fragments were reduced by 11,2% to add bucks. I’d say it bad enough to complain, to be honest.

Its true that its 20-40k, but they didnt decrease xp and tickets to make space, they reduced the % for shards and gold…which is a major bummer, if they simply got rid of xp, then I wouldnt mind so much, but this is a very very weak reward even at 50k, I think it should be more like 100k, that or get rid of the xp reward entirely.

My bad, I thought they lowered the tickets and XP, I agree on removing those and put the original numbers back in place.

i do not mind if they split hero exp % into bucks %. We have too much of hero exp.

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You win five unevenly matched PVP rounds then boom = bucks!

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The worst part is they reduced the drops for gold. I use to be able to use revives and often break even with the gold I spent. Please return the drop rate for gold and hero fragments to what it was before. Reduce the drop rates for tickets and XP to make room for cash


Thank you Devs for returning the drop rates for gold and hero fragments back to what it was before while still making room for cash by reducing the exp. It’s very much appreciated.


It’s trash-like to give xp

Awsome Developers, thanks for returning the drop rates!

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The crates should be reserved for things we can’t get from other parts of the game. Specifically, we get hero XP and bucks from multiple places (campaigns, dailies, gauntlet, regular crates, etc.). PVP crates are one of the few places to get unique frags and gold, so I would prefer not having bucks in pvp crates at all.

Thanks for the quick fix! Any chance we can remove xp entirely?