Hero XP and crates

Gold boxes, silver crates and PvP crates.

XP makes me really sad when I get them, went to vip 8 last week and I don’t need quickwin tickets anymore but I remember the struggle so I won’t complain about that.

XP should be removed from all crates, we get them enough trough raids and campaigns.

Opening a gold crate and getting XP is just insane, fighting PvP and win 5 rounds and get xp is also insane.

We don’t need XP this much, or at least drop it this low it would be nice to get it.

XP need to be reduced.

Please tell me how you feel about this?(new players, high paying players, betas)

I don’t really see an issue with it right now, especially as the level cap continues to be increased. It’s going to take more and more xp per level and when you have 45-50 heroes to level having a bunch stocked up isn’t to bad. From my perspective, I have all my heroes at the highest level right now so I am stockpiling but I was even doing this when the cap was 55, I still didn’t have enough to get everyone I had to level 60, can’t imaging what it’s going to be like for people at 50 right now trying to get to 65 In the next patch.

I don’t mind getting them in gold crates cause you know, it’s literally free stuff. As far as pvp crates, I’m okay with getting them every now and then, 5 wins is not a lot when you have a bunch of heroes and and it’s a trade off for other items you can get in the crates. Plus the drop rate for each crate is pretty low. Gold crate is meant to help you level up your heroes, best way to do that is through xp so naturally that’s going to be one of the more prominent items you can get. Pvp crate is less with a combined 17% which is just a little bit higher then getting gold. At least at level 60 the worst you can get is 20 silver xp at a 11%chance.

What I wouldn’t mind is a trade in system for green, bronze, and silver xp to consolidate them into the higher tiered ones. Past level 30 it gets tedious to use green xp and after 55 it’s about 40-50 bronze for the next level. If we could trade in a lower teir for the higher tier ones with a little fee involved I think it would work out great.


Just wait till you don’t have enough experience to level up all your heroes to 80 (when the time comes) then you’ll will be begging for it @Kraterios :smile: it’s gonna take ALOT of experience, and the amount of heroes/experience required to upgrade them is only going to keep on increasing.

@Benched I agree with your first point about the experience. As for the trade-off system though, I think it’d be easier for them just to add “Use 1, 10, or 100” buttons. Would accomplish the same thing, and I don’t see why there should be any “fee” for using experience.

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I like getting XP even if the amounts are lackluster. I think the entire happening of opening my free silver crates became quite meh after just a few days of playing.

Yeah that’s why I asked other people’s opinions

And probably the amount of green and bronze isn’t helping me to give a good opinion myself haha

Newb’s input:

I personally hit a wall with powering up heroes at around 9pm last night due to a lack of XP. I need XP more than I need new heroes right now.

That being said I’ve spent quite a bit of money this month(probably not a lot in US dollars) with the aim of developing key heroes(I totally suck at spending resources without shooting myself in the foot, but I don’t mind that right now). since this past weekend each gold crate hiding XP inside sort of gave me mental “cancer”. I got a 3 star Sapphyr in that left-most side crate yesterday so, mentally, I healed again.

If there’s time for them to take a look at this then perhaps merely a lowering in XP drop rates for gold and above crates would be something I’d be happy with, personally. I’d still like to draw XP from 10xSilver crates without question.