PvP crates after lvl 60

I saw someone post this before but can’t find it so that’s why I start this again.

Why do lvl 60 players get punished by reducing the PvP crates from 5 to 3 shards? With quick win tickets at 23.36% XP at 11.63% bucks at 6.98% and again XP at 5.81% making a total of 47.78% of drops people don’t want(I actually like the quick wins when I’m short on them but a lot of people hate them).

The reduced hero frags are really bad compared to this already high chance of drops you don’t want, instead of rewarding a player for reaching lvl 60 you punish them with even more crappy xp and less frags in PvP.

Please change the drops back to 5 instead of 3.




I have to believe this must be a bug…I can’t see ANY logical reason to slow down late game progression more than the fact that going from 8* to 10* takes 1650 fragments… I want to say this is a bug in part because there WAS NO COMMUNICATION REGARDING THIS CHANGE.

If this is not a bug, I think it needs to be reverted ASAP. Furthermore, can we remove tickets and xp from the drop pool? I contend that I love the cash more than I thought, but I think it would be better to take the 47% from those two and split it between frags, gold and cash.


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I know I speak for myself when it comes to tickets, I’m only vip 8 so I always run short, but I understand people want those removed and I wouldn’t complain if they did, the biggest problem is the reduced frags and to much xp nobody needs.

Mmm… Im VIP 0 and I have 200 tickets :confused:

@GTSaiko the point I was making wasn’t about the tickets, there are plenty reasons why I sometimes have a lot of them and sometimes I have non, sometimes life comes in the way and I can’t fully play, like 3 days without any PvP match and sometimes I’m top 100 in a tournament… I can also use… And say stuff I have, but please comment on the point I’m making about being lvl 60 and receiving less frags…

My bad. I was just unable to understand how can you run short while getting a bunch of free tickets daily.

But yeh, getting punished for reaching the maximum level is senseless. I don’t understand why would they reduce rewards the moment you reach lv 60.

My brother has a total different PvP chest (he gets PvP stones, but has reduced % of getting fragments, and he only gets 3 fragments, instead of 5) and none of us is lv 60, so I don’t understand why the change. Maybe somehow your PvP chests changed by some bug to be like his?

I agree, it’s wrong on so many levels!

yes go back to 5 ; it’s very frustrating. It may be time to tell marketing geniuses to stop doing anything.
We are not supposed to be punished by leveling up

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If you don’t want them then give it to me, for free to play like me I always find quick tickets useful :joy:

Agreed. I really like the idea of changing the content of PvP crates as you reach a higher tier, but it shouldn’t be for the worse… It should improve.

Reaching level 60 should be a motivating objective, but with the worsening rewards for the PvP crates as they currently are, I would have much rather stayed at level 59.

EDIT: Don’t get me wrong, the increased amount of gold/bucks are a nice improvement between 59 and 60; but, as far as most of this feedback is sounding, the hero frags are a much more sought after artifact than gold/bucks.

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Total disappointment. I saw so many people stop playing. They follow the rule they have on crate, more you buy, less you get. Higher level, less you get. It’s unbelievable.

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I dont think that there is any need to change the percentages. We get premium items every day, so wie shouldnt complain to much.

BUT they should change it back to 5 charts, you need more and more and get less and less. Thats just stupid.

All this give me another reason not spend on this game. Main reason I don’t spend like I do in other games is this game not enjoyable. When I’ll stop playing it, I wouldn’t feel bad about it. I easily spend ~$600 on a game, but not when it force me to spend on it by making me feel bad lol

Lets not be overly dramatic. This is most likely a bug. And pretty much all games have bugs. Just send a ticket to support and let them solve it.

Threatening developers with your money wont solve anything. You should try to talk, instead. They are listening to the community, so your feedback may help tune the game to make more appealing to you and new players.

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Yeah, I created this post for constructive feedback, not threatening the devs, they are doing a good job, I just didn’t like the reduced frags.

@GTSaiko what are you talking about? What bugs? How is it related to developers?! lol
Devs write the code.

I’m talking about rewards magically being reduced after reaching level 60, just in the same patch they added level 60? I don’t know, I want to think that they are smarter than just reducing rewards out of the blue, and only for level 60 players, so I rather believe is a temporary bug that they will fix. But maybe I’m just too optimistic

And yeh, if developers write the code, a bug, which usually happens due to coding, is kinda related to them :smiley:

There is a confirmed bug with the Level 60 PvP crate which should be fixed shortly. It wasn’t a code error, but a tuning one.

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I didn’t know that it’s a bug. I thought it’s intentional.
Thanks for info. Bugs always happens, so far this game has no major bug issues. It runs smooth.

Thanks for the response!

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