Bucks Required for Leveling Skills and Stars

Hey guys,

Here’s a quick little guide showing amount of bucks needed to max out hero skills and stars, just in case anyone was curious.

Will be updated as Level Cap increases.

The information regarding the amount of bucks required to level hero stars is still unknown. If you know any missing information, let me know and it will be added :slight_smile:

Bucks Required for Leveling Skills and Stars

Edited June Update


Total amount to fully level a character: 1120000. How many characters are there in the game, 66?
Total amount to fully level all characters: 73920000. Soak it in.

Great sheet by the way! You’re doing so much good stuff for the community.

Actually, total amount to fully level a hero is $4,045,800 (considering there are bronze, silver, gold, and plat skills).

There are currently 56 heroes. . . so total amount to fully level all hero skills would be:

$226,564,800 :scream:

In a few days tho, the level cap is going to increase to 70, and two new heroes will be added, which will run that total up even more, lol!


Oh well! Maths was never my strong point - I’m more into headshots and grenades.


I have been saying there is not enough cash in this game for ages.

You earn around 325,000 bucks from gauntlet at VIP 9 or below.

Just to level Hero skills with gauntlet would take just under 2 years.

Getting 2 new heroes each month and generally another 5 skill levels to up on all heroes it’s impossible.

Not to mention buying Platinum gear from market place…


10 stars

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There’s no real-time currency conversions for USD/CAD to Russian Rubles reflecting the day’s exchange market?
Literally unplayable.

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I think the in-game Bucks are universal, but resemble US currency the most

'twas a joke.


Updated for Level 80 Cap.

According to the maths, we need roughly $767 MILLION bucks to take all 65 heroes to 10-star platinum and all their skills to Level 80…


Which adds up to about 1000 days worth of cash, if you do not use resets or spend your cash anywhere else.

I do not get how HHG can not see that this really killing the game experience.


And now with the stupid bounty expense, you can’t enjoy the game effectively.

I don’t understand why HHG would make everything so expensive?


The bucks economy is Totally Screwed Up. Has been that way for ages.

Not enough bucks to level skills (and NO… the measly 25k bucks reward per tier for alliance/solo events is INADEQUATE). How many Bucks did we buy from the Halloween store… 4 million plus 1.5 million… PITTANCE. It just about enables you to skill up 1 hero from 60 to 75 and that’s it!

Theres also not enough bucks to evolve heroes.

What happens when you don’t level your skills? You get a PVP penalty.

What happens when you dont evolve your heroes to equalise star distribution ? You get a PVP penalty.

I don’t understand what is so difficult in implementing at least one of the MANY solutions we have come up with:

  1. More Gauntlet sectors or substantially increase payout per sector
  2. Substantially increase mission cash payouts
  3. Relook bucks for gold exchange rate
  4. Increase bucks rewards across the board for events.

I like that sometimes loading the game up it says that “Gauntlet is a great way to earn some extra bucks!”. Imagine the game without these extra bucks we gain from Gauntlet.

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Gauntlet would definitely benefit from adding a couple of sectors !

we have 65 heroes available.

Most of us need only 25 ( could be done with less) heroes to clear gauntlet.

I’ll add my voice to the complaints about $$ rewards in the game. the available $ is not enough to allow unpenalized pvp growth

Even if they made it so the bucks exchange was much better…

@HHG we need more bucks!!!

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We hear you! In this update we’ve made some tweaks to Buck payouts. We’ll be watching what impact this has on your bank accounts.


Thank you, with the current bounties I can’t upgrade hero skills, evolve them and I’m afraid to increase their level.

This is really appreciated!

Is there a new accurate number for the 0-90 skills only math