Increase bucks from Gauntlet wins

With the constant increase in levels comes increased gear crafting costs, and evolving heroes now that many people have 8 or 9 stars is very costly. It’s time to increase the bucks from gauntlet already!!..please!


Agree! Coming from someone two has double Gauntlet runs each day and has only been playing for 50 days.
I can increase 10-12 skills before I’m out of bucks.
I remember the times when your Gauntlet bucks lasted the the entire day.

Like the tiers in PvP event and crate rewards, there needs to be tiers to the Gauntlet rewards as well, contingent to player level.

The gauntlet rewards have not been updated since the global release (level cap was 50… its going to be 70), so this needs to be updated. :+1:

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Beats me if they instead of updating the rewards simply add more Segments to the Gauntlet. But I’d be fine with that as well.

I only upgrade bounty hero’s skills and some that I use for PvP or pve, always run short on bucks.

9*->10* costs 2.5 million so I mostly save for those

I’m not that far into the game yet and I trust that by the time I have to get someone (Dogface) from 9* > 10* the bucksflow has increased significantly.

Only thing that really helps are events, but how do you think you earn more bucks end game?

The developers have solved all shortage problems, increased rewards for all events and game modes, by the time I’m in the end-game phase. :slight_smile:

Ahh didn’t understand you, yeah they will solve this, I figure the new game modes that will come(patrol, alliance crate) will help us a lot.

I thought you meant the current way.

They really improve the game every update, more tournaments, more challenges, more coops.


Yeah, judging from the current top-placement rewards they don’t seem to bring much meat to the end-gamer.

I just realised to stopped upgrading my skills at level 60 for my top-team even though I could bring them up to 67. It’s just not worth it, the skills don’t increase enough to compensate the EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE costs for upgrading further. I rather spend my bucks on building new characters up to the same level. It’s more fun to see a characters skills sky-rocket from level 1 to level 60 rather than spending 2 days levelling their skills up from 60 to 70 with almost no notable increase in power.

Sure you are right with that, but with the new PvP calculation you get a disadvantage if you don´t max out.

Probably. It’s more likely I’ll stop trying to be competitive in PVP though.

How about if you added a 6th sector (secret) for more Money …

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With the changes to PVP matching where you are now punished if skills aren’t maxed, it is more important than ever to make Bucks more readily available…


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