Poll: Do we need more cash?

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I think we need more cash. I’m constantly running out of cash and having to do Bucks Exchange at least once every day now. The biggest cash-eater is upgrading skills. Past lvl 50 or so, it gets pricey doing 10 upgrades several times a day.


This is obvious, who the heck doesn’t need MOAR bucks anyway? Especially upgrade skills, takes a load of bucks LoL :joy:

Who the heck voted No?

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a troll…

well it is not me…

I honestly think the discussion should be how much more cash do we need?

I am gonna be conservative and say, 50 million.

Before you think that’s a big number, think again (but maybe our resident HHG agent @Ulfpam will say we only need 1 or 2 million more or none at all). :wink:

I’m too lazy to think about exactly how much more we should have (LUL), but I wanted to see what the public thinks and I was not surprised. The goal is that the devs see this and consider some changes regarding bucks. Today I’ve been more broke than usual. Ronin would be platinum if I wasn’t short on cash. I wanted to bring attention to the bucks issue again.

50 million more a day? Month? Year?

And just because Ulfpam isn’t always the same opinion as you, you do not need to taunt him. But we all got to know you a bit over the last month and know that you can’t handle different opinions.

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Lol “So you want more stuff or less stuff?” Seems like an obvious answer to that. Bucks is a resource, and you just need to manage it, like you do with other resources.

Interesting that you mention that, I love different opinions (as long as they are the same as mine) :slight_smile:

What do you think of the bucks situation and how much do you need on your account to (1) evolve all your heroes (2) skill up all your heroes (to their respective levels) and (3) promote all your heroes (say, up to plat and possibly plat 1 or 2)?

I reckon I would need at least 50 million bucks to do that.

You want 50 million at once? Or 100k more each day?
You will get 50million in about 50 days, of you reset gauntlet in 25 days. So it should be okay for you how it’s is now, since you have that cash at the end of the month.

It looks like you might need more bucks than me!

Panzer: 75/1/21/75
Oracle: 1/75/21/41
Flatline: 70/70/21/41
Kaishi: 80/1/22/41

In fact it looks like you only have 1 hero at skill level 80/80/80/80 (Mauler).

On a really really really conservative basis assuming you want to skill up your remaining 62 out of 63 heroes from 75/75/75/75 to 80/80/80/80 like your Mauler, you will need approximately:

62 heroes
x4 skills per hero
x 264,000 bucks to skill up from skill level 75 —> 80
= 65,472,000 Bucks

So YOU need more than 65 million Bucks RIGHT NOW to level all your heroes from skill level 75 —> 80.

In truth you probably need MORE than that, since only a handful of your heroes are even 75/75/75/75, most of them are not even levelled that high.

And to drive the point home, YOU would need this right now. Not in 100 days or 25 days.

So maybe we don’t talk about me, we talk about you (since I guess you are less controversial).

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So you want it now, to Max out all your heroes instantly. That was my question. But you refuse to answer it.
In my opinion a stupid idea to give everyone a big pile of cash. They should reward us more cash for the district missions. 5-15k, depending which district you do. That would add up to about 1 million more per day, which would about double the cash income of you do not reset gauntlet.

of course we need more cash.\

but not in easy way, with right system, more cash rewards in campaign missions, more cash from gauntlet or if they add more sectors to gauntlet, it will be great.

also events like min danger simulator with cash rewards its a perfect idea. we all know that was not easy to finish all the waves.

yeah, we need more cash, but we have to fight for it, if devs give us the platform in the game.


We can start with 1 million more per day as you suggest. Whatever means, I am not choosy.

And by the way concerning timescale, whatever the timescale is, you (and I) would need that quantum to do certain things - basic things - like skilling up your heroes. If you wanted to do it all today, you would need it all today.

You may be content to have a timescale of 100 or 1000 days to skill up your heroes but… let’s just say that you are probably a little more patient than me. Perhaps you could offer a suggestion on how long do you think we should wait to skill up our heroes to 80/80/80/80.

Perhaps the cost for skilling up heroes is too high and should be looked at. That is another way of solving the issue.

And by the way, I notice you didn’t vote in the poll. Voting isn’t compulsory but I think it is interesting that you have nowhere in this thread stated explicitly whether you think we need more cash or not. I am assuming that you do, so please vote, thanks.

I dont think there is a need for extra cash, If im power leveling someone then normally Ill be on the rise. I only start falling behind once I start leveling up skills.

Power leveling? Man I have so much hero’s with lvl 20-40 skills, and I’m not doing it to sandbag, I’m not even using those in PvP, but if I lvl those I’m out of bucks for the bounty.

I’d rather have those at 80 but it’s impossible, just look at the simple math @Sing showed, also made a comment about this, we’ll need more then 2 mill to get 1 hero from 75 to 80

I certainly feel we need more bucks but I wouldn’t ask for numbers that would kill the game.
1 or 2 million more / day would be reasonable. There must always be a level of grinding to games like this or we’d just max everything out and eventually feel “done” / stop playing.

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The only thing is if they would implement a new co-op mode which awards money based ipon how many kills you get in a 3 min endless horde. Give each kill 10k gold that resets daily. However if its just a ‘here is a free mil a day or Lowering the cost of skills’ then I vote no.

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