Strapped for cash! ($)

In-game currency (bucks $) seems to be extremely difficult to get these days.

With skills now costing over 35k to level 1, Platinum gear costing a fortune, it’s nigh on impossible to level up heroes.

I have double Gauntlet but the circa 1mil bucks you get doesn’t cut it anymore.

What are your thoughts?

For me an increase in % PvP crate drop chance would be a small help but still not enough.


Maybe increase Gauntlet level 5 difficulty significantly and offer 250k cash or

Some type of Survival/Horde mode with each round offering Cash 8)

This would be awesome, a leader board to go with it also…

I’d love to solo fight like 10 Crazy heroes at once. Or 3 GW Mechs 8)

I think it’s funny cause the exact opposite idea was made when bucks were introduced to pvp crates. Someone made a thread and a lot of people agreed having bucks was a bad idea in crates cause they got it everywhere else.

But yea, I like the idea of increasing the amount as a reward as your division increases. Since it takes over 35k to increase a skill around level 60 and the max you could get from a crate is 100k. I wouldn’t mind an increase to 75k, 125k, and 175k bucks so you could upgrade at least 2 with the lowest and a max of 5 skills with the highest reward.

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Rather than make the current Gauntlet sectors harder, I would elect to add more sectors with increased difficulty (maybe with different rule subsets?). This would essentially accomplish the same thing as you’re suggesting (MORE BUCKS), but wouldn’t have any impact on newer players.


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