Bug Collection 🐛

Hunting bugs of all shapes and sizes!

We noticed that a few of you reported several old issues with some of the heroes and their skills. :thinking:

Please share any bugs you know here, so I can pass them along to the devs. :broom:

Thank you for your cooperation in advance! :v:


delete button update make my third account vanished

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I got one,

When enemies are lifted by heros like Bucket, they can’t be hit by items like Poison caltdrops, MOAB, ink cloud, and I’m sure many more,

Another one being visual bugs, hikari has a few, the first one being his sand warrior skin, it says it’s a plus skin but it only has 3 levels, additionally when viewing his skins he has a knife hovering behind his back, finally, if I select his sand skin, go back to his default, look at another hero and come back, his sand warrior skin sticks to him,

Also stygias fingers look weird with the argon skin,

I have a few more I’ll put here, but rn I’m busy on vacation, see y’all around partners!

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Some FF heroes have no head hitbox, and Slurp too

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When heros like warden or barricade reload their hitbox disapears completely, same with voltage, her head becomes air while she’s reloading

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Alright. The exterminator has arrived with the naughty list:
Commander gold skill, % increase in damage not adding up properly to their according factions.

Pariah bronze skill does not add 10% damage from the ‘frenzy’ stacks despite them counting up.

Kobold bronze skill duration description not adding up. Should be 18~seconds but says 0 instead.

Everest bronze skill saying: ‘missing entry’ for afflicted enemy.

Verrills platinum shield is supposed to prevent anti crowd control, while it successfully does that is also prevents AFTER the shield which is not meant to be

Whenever an allied hero with a self revive such as Valkyrie, 4cep, Gammond, Possibly phoenix dies, and Flatline is present their self revive does not activate and even worsw, flatline’s passive that saves allies doesn’t work. Basically meaning that having both takes away both their uses.

Warden has a bug with her hitbox. Sometimes shots hit sometimes they go straight through her.

Oro his gold skill still doesn’t work after 3 years lol. It does not reduce damage or doesn’t reduce according to what the skill says. Since that’d mean a 1K shot would only do 10 damage at 1% HP and well, that isn’t what i’ve experienced in those 3 years

Luciana her intro screen in the hero menu is severely bugged. You can only see her feet

That’s it for now, but i will be back


chesterfield bug
he throws again and again damage rather shooting in autoplay and thus its is not a great damage dealer

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I don’t see this as a bug. He throws his utility, i’s rather have that than him just shooting with the lowest damage output he has

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There was an update and since then the ads never work the same like they used to.

I do one ad and then I get this 4-5 times over and over -no movies available but if you switch the screen the ad comes like there’s nothing wrong. If you don’t switch it you might get an ad or more than likely it just doesn’t trigger, because it’s there and you mash the button 4-5 and wait to try again or simply switch screens to get it to trigger. It’s annoying because not only is it a daily task, the function to produce the ad is just too inconsistent every single day.


In PvP, Beat Down Boulevard is my least favorite arena to fight in especially when using rear line heroes.
For starters the enemies are covered behind your barrier if they’re in the right corner. Ok. If you want to shoot and lose your barrier you can and you can attack them or headshot them, maybe But if they sink behind the column it doesn’t give away so you have to either reposition which doesn’t really work, switch characters, or hope they move out in the open. The other frontline and midline heroes have access to these heroes but not the rear line. In this reverse L layout in which the heroes lineup moving laterally doesn’t help.

Ok if it was extreme PvP where they’re behind the bench the solid columns and areas you can’t shoot from or through as you get poisoned I can see the challenge for higher rewards. Maybe that’s something you can explore , but just for simple alignment issues I just don’t like this setup to play.

In contrast,
Ok so you have to know which heroes to use in setups like this of course and I do but my point is I don’t really like this interfering structures in PvP hindering view and aiming that doesn’t apply to the other heroes in the rest of the arena.

If you’re going to have a game mode of extreme PvP make it uniform and across the board to hinder all the heroes. Until then I’d like to see this corrected and let us shoot the barriers the pillars everything down if you can’t reposition the enemy heroes and let us go Machinegun Joe. Plz.


I should also mention this is prevalent and unexpected because of the schedule of factions that change and a new event comes up then you’re using new heroes you don’t normally use but they’re bonused this month and when you get this these arenas that have barriers you quickly have to think on the fly or lose because these obstacles don’t exist in other arenas.

For this example I don’t like using midline or running heavy frontline heroes unless with the faction at hand you kinda have to use what you have. So Courtyard Clash is another barrier ridden arena with posts that interfere and also block bullets even when your aim is dead on.
The problem again arises unlike in the other map when if you have front rear and midline running in bunches back and forth in the main walk way, what happens when you are in between them and let’s say a shank. Stuns most of everyone but you. What’s happened to me is I get stuck in between the support beams and the heroes. The only thing I can shoot, think about verrill unloading in the beam, is the beam. All the bullets shoot the beam while I’m under attack and when my guys get stunned I’m sandwiched. Other times I’m trying to shoot and I can’t because of the beam is directly in line of sight and blocks my aiming and blocks my view blocks and blocks my bullets. If I run right I usually run out and up the stairs losing my line of sight again in the process if they run away. It’s annoying.

Sure there’s options and work arounds but again my point is I do not favor obstacles like these beams that block the crosshairs, I mean look, it doesn’t apply to all heroes even in this case because the front line in the grass. So it’s only heroes in the walkway and look these are different beams in different areas of the walkway that block damage. Are there any other maps that have barriers you can’t shoot thru to attack the enemy? All of the other shields and barriers you can shoot through like subway or shipyard.

There’s no obstructions like these in other arenas that block bullets in the field of play. I mean can we have the ability to shoot through them like the other barriers? We should have the ability to shoot through obstacles we don’t have in other arenas that interfere and that block damage.


? ?****? what happen

Is the fact that carabina does millions of damage with her silver compared to pheonix who barely does any with a very similar ability, and also dmgs herself doing it,

Edit; if she’s dies her ability still doesn’t stop, even if she moves or is staggered, it looks weird too

Which FF heroes in particular?

Wardens bit of disapears during reload, (which is most of the time since it’s a bow) also that ff version of keel I think her names barricade? Also voltages head hitbox disapears in reload, not any others I’m aware of, but some say slurp has a weird head hitbox

Edit; warden and barricades entire hitbox (not just head) completely disapears or moves somewhere but idk, when using abilities her hitbox is their, same while aiming down sights, just disapears during reloads

Warden her basehitbox is very weird. I heard that it is after casting an ability. The rest doesn’t seem weird to me though. But i’m sure Lappo has more experience with that. He knows what he’s talking about
Slurp has no head sometimes. I presume after casting as well.

The Kurtz execute skill does not eliminate hero with lowest health.

Out of curiosity, is there any discussion at Deca to raise the level cap eventually? If not I will stop hoarding stamina haha

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Just a random thing to add, warden platnium ability and prophets are different, would you mind seeing if prophet could gain the heal like wardens, because it would make him so much more better, it would be nice if he could heal from kills,

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Certain extreme levels that on the lucky chance you look like completing the game crashes.

I think biggest bug that needs to be fixed is coop pvp matching. I believe this has been mentioned several times. Just thought I’d mention it here since this topic is about collection of bugs.