Team comp discussions

Hey guys, so I’ve recently started to get a few platinum characters, and this has vastly opened up the range of possibilities for my team composition. I was hoping to discuss a few possible team ideas to get other people’s ideas on what kind of teams work.

Halo teams:
I think I see her paired up most often with Savage, though the Halo/Mauler team was a pretty big hit a few months ago. I think she’d be great with Bolt because he can proc her plat immediately with called shot, and barbed shot is a solid DOT that will proc her plat also. I’m thinking of doing something with her, Bolt, maybe Flat or Scum, and the rest support.

Mauler teams:
I think this is a little defunct now, but you can get 12% crit on him with Caine/Moss, which leads to a semi consistent stunlock on the other team’s main DPS. Very good against Dogface/Panzer/Kuno based DPS teams. Not so good against Ronin/Flatline/Butter/Phalanx.

Full support teams:
I’ve played a few full support teams that are basically Butter + Castellan + Flat + 2 healers. It is remarkably good because Sentry turret does a hell of a lot of damage, but I think it’s vulnerable against early Flatline killers, e.g. against a Ronin team.

Ronin teams:
Ripe for abuse.

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i only see min maxers with this team of plat ronin

TEN. That’s how many threads you’ve posted these useless screenshots in. STOP SPAMMING.

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Kinda hypocritical when you’re also min-maxing with an 8 star plat 2 bar kuno.

Ive been doing a lot of Halo+Bolt. It has like a ~60-70% win rate against ronin sandbag teams. It doesnt hold up well against properly min maxed ronin sandbags (not just random 4 heroes, but like caines/mandrake/flatlines). Obviously against non-ronin teams it does a lot better.

I dont have them fully leveled cuz its not worth the bucks. Also, if the team is already winning why change anything.

Ive been using moss for crit chance% and the massive bronze heal. Keel for her suprisingly good damage and the super stronk bronze heal. Mandrake cuz he has a glorious beard.

Edit - i noticed now that this thread was necrod