Can someone tell me what the best pvp team is atm

I’m just now really getting into synergy and I need to know what the best pvp team is atm and other good teams for events and guild battles etc

Kurtz…Kurtz…Siren…Ronin… There is a pattern…It’s giving me ptsd trying to remember all these monsters

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Probably depends where you are

High Plats:
Ronin, Halo, Mandrake, Kurtz, Siren

High Gold & Low Plats:
Ifrit, Flatline, Mandrake, Kuno/Dogface, Healer

Low Gold:
Dogface, Mandrake, Butter, Matador, Whatever

Dogface, Night, Whatever

Bronze & Green:
Literally doesnt matter

Bounties is entirely around whoever is feature faction but most PvP guys work good. Scum, Chester and Maven are suprisingly decent damage.

Campaign doesnt really matter til around D10. Clyde/Bolt are great at killing Vanguard/bosses, Oracle and Cinder get really good if they get a few charges of their skills. But, Mandrake or Flatline are pretty great for getting the tricky 3-stars.

I’m almost 800k power

Is Phalanx a hero I should work on?

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I use Superfine’s latest PVP team. It’s been working out for me so far.
Nightingale, Dogface, Caine, Mandrake and Panzer

what about for low gold matador 5 star gold, butter 4 star gold, mandrake 4 star gold, dogface 4 star gold, and caine 5 star gold all heroes ablilties upgraded

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