PvP Question

i want to run gammond mandrake dogface and razorback but i dont have heimlock or matador caine mandrake dogface and gammond or butter what should i do

Caine is OP, be sure to use him

Make sure to go check out my new post and reply

What? Please keep your replies on topic or they will be flagged

sorry u just seem smart about these things so i was asking for help my bad

And I did reply to your question, I would suggest using caine and if you want a replacement for heim try using flat or keel

okat thx just tryna make a good gold team

So my current team for gold is Butter 4 star, Mandrake 4 star, Dogface 4 star, Matador 5 star, and i either use Nightingale 4 star, or Caine 5 star, All heroes are gold and level 50 all abilities leveled to level 43 or above tell me what u think and what can be improved all suggestions open i want to have the best possible team. what could I change once i get flatline or ifrit to my team

My friend I cannot choose a team for you, your power level and skill level is different from mine you will need to see for yourself and play until you find a team you like

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