PVP Team suggestion!

These are the heroes I am having. I am upgrading them one by one. Can anyone suggest me a good team formed from these heroes for PVP?

You can make a good crit team using Surge,Rifle,Caine,Gammond and Gale

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Butter Heimlock Nightingale Odachi Caine Dogface Kunoichi Cinder Castellan and Keel. All of them should be at plat grade, and make sure you make a balanced team of at least one damage dealer, healers and support heroes that make damage dealers more powerful.

e.g. Dogface Nightingale Caine Butter Heimlock,
Kunoichi Keel Castellan Butter Caine
Cinder Marador Keel Butter Heimlock. etc

You are missing a very important pvp hero named Mandrake, which you can get him from upcoming solo raid. Once he gets gold grade, he is an extremely great support hero that fits with everyone.


Thank you so much for the suggestion.

I remember you.:grin:
You helped me in the starting of the game.
Btw thanks again.

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Upgrade KUNO , RONIN , DRAKE , DOG , GALE , CAINE, KEEL , FLATLINE and CINDER these are the PvP beast

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