Can we please get a fix on the sped up bug/hack?

(Photo taken down for not respecting guidelines. Sorry. Forgot to blur the name)
I’m not sure if it’s a glitch related to closing the game (this is my first impression, since Gale sped up after I killed Wesson. Maybe the player gave up and quit) of it is actually a hack. But is REALLY hard to kill a 10* Nightingale that moves and shots at x2/x3 speed AND heals every two shoots. She was dropping heals while the heal per second effect of the previous one was still active.

And there are other heroes affected by this bug/hack, like Dogface. Ive seen enemy Dogface unload a whole magazine while I only shoot half. This is frustrating and makes PvP even worse.

This should be submitted as a support ticket. You’re basically calling out another player as a potential hacker, which is against guidelines. Closing.

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