Speed Hack

The speed hack is starting to get out of control - more & more players are using it which is ruining pvp. Developpers have been informed of it several times from multiple spurces yet nothing has been done about it. As usual “if it dosnt affect our money we dont care” applies.

Thank you again

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I have never seen this. Are you all sure it’s just not your internet connection slowing down and then “fast forwards” the match to make up for the loss?

What is the speed hack

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It’s not a hack. It’s a bug. People may be abusing it on purpose, though.

I already reported it. I’m not gonna say how to do it, to avoid more people abusing this bug before its fixed, but I know how to do it and it doesn’t include any kind of hack/external help

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I can attest to being mopped by a dogface who was able to recharge his abilities within 5 secs and unloading his clip in shorter times than that…

The most abusive one in my opinion is Nightingale. She will cast a heal while the previous one is still on effect. Its almost impossible to kill her if she is plat and has the skin. My 10* plat 2 Panzer has failed to kill a 8* plat 1 Gale that was sped up.

Bug - hack - glitch … tbh i dont care what its called on a technical level. What i care about is for it to be fixed. Having nightingale take “the flash” abilities is annoying lol.

I seriously still hoping devs fix - and before a developper chime in asking lame questions to act as if they are looking into it - No i wont provide more info cause i already did several times and they already know what the issue is.

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Well, a hack is something done on purpose and involves people messing with the game code.

A bug is developer’s fault. It’s not the same, since you could be using the bug without even noticing.

But yeah, I agree such a gamebreaking bug should be fixed asap. Just like they did with this one, which was fixed in one or two days, if I recall correctly.

Well, abusing such a bug should be punished with a ban, they did that with the internal clock and airplane mode, but that also affected gold.

If they won’t fix this and don’t give these abuser a ban, I’ll be happy to post a tutorial video though


Btw guys, don’t post a video, send it to the devs

I have two videos but I do not want to get the other users in trouble

@Chequerown10 While I understand that you don’t want to get people in trouble, I would absolutely LOVE to see these people banned for cheating and abusing the system at the expense of the rest of us. They are intentionally exploiting the system. If I were you, I would happily send the videos to the devs and have these people banned.


Send it to the devs, not this topic

@Huginn, he also contacted me on the matter, tap his name, send him a message

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I’d just message support about this issue. They are the ones that will forward it to others and have it fixed for a future patch. Discussion about stuff like this doesn’t go anywhere tbh. Seen it plenty of times in other places.

Correct! Send videos and info to support@hotheadgames.com