Speed Hack caught on video - am I mistaken on this?

Hello - we’ve been reporting on a speed hack for a long time. I have yet to properly capture someone using superfast movement speed on video, but I know it is there, many of us have seen characters almost flying across the screen, or rolling superfast. But here is an example of the other two outcomes of the speed hack - faster reload time and faster rate of fire, specifically with Dogface.

I was getting destroyed and it didn’t make sense - Dogface was loading skills so fast and unloading so fast, so I quickly started recording a match against [TWM} CinematicSloth7818.

Clearly, something is wrong in this video and I’ve explained it exactly.

If I have missed something here, then I’ll accept it and move on. If I’m right, what I really want is for this to be acknowledged as a real thing, to be corrected and for anyone known to be using it to get some type of consequence.

I’m not a complainer - happy to lose to a more skilled opponent, a better team, or even someone who exploits things like the old plat halo/baron type situations, because they were in theory available to all in the game. This is an exploit that should not be allowed.

I have not made this video public on my channel - just for the keeners on the forum here, it’s an unlisted video to start a discussion.

Click here to see the Speed Hack video


Nope, speed bug has been around for a while and is still and issue. You’re not missing anything, this is an exploit that has been around for months now and we’re not sure when we’ll see an end it it. It is most commonly used with dogface and panzer, so do not be surprised when you see these two reloading super fast or having a jacked ROF. You can essentially make the hero go twice or three times as fast.


The response has always been that it isn’t real - and I know it is - first time I’ve been able to capture it - hard evidence! No denying this.

I’m just leaving it open that I’ve missed something in case I have - I’m a reasonable guy lol.

Can we get an official response on this please, it’s getting more and more common.

I’ve spent thousands this game and getting cheated out of it is really grinding my gears.


The people who deny it are probably the people guilty of it themselves, and the people who don’t know how to use it won’t be able to dispute that fact.

(Sorry for the poor video quality)

Here I capture a person abuse the bug a month or two ago, using it on dogface. You can see that the ROF is absurd, resembling that of hardscope’s unmodded. Also, GCAA (Contact him on discord as Tommy Wiseau#4779), captured a screenshot of a speed hack abuser’s GUI. Unfortunately, the mods reset the chatroom that it was in so I do not have access to it anymore.

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I got the screenshot here:


This is definitive proof that it exists. There is no denying that this is a PvP match and that you are able to use this bug to your advantage.


It also works in bounty.

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Professor oaks voice echoes in your head,“there is a time and place for anything but not now.”

in essence, this isnt the place to discuss the issue at hand. you gotta message support about it and have them investigate. Send them the info so they can look into it. The forums arent a place to do so.

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Devs gave known about this for months and are no closer to a resolution. The least that they could do is provide a proper update on how close they are to a fix.

PVP tournaments are consistently being ruined by people who are using the exploit. Many of them are finishing top 50. Now it is also being used in bounty… its pretty obvious by who as well.

No bans, no updates, nothing.


Hello @GIR and thanks for that feedback - I did send the video to support. What I wanted to accomplish by posting here was to verify with the community if this is really happening, and that can’t happen if I send it directly to support. The challenge I’ve faced with sending to support (and others as well) is that in isolation, we are being told it is not actually happening.

I needed to see if the video I took is an experience being shared by others and see from my brothers and sisters in the forum how much is actually known about this from the community - I’m hoping this will actually help the issue get resolved - it is never my intention to stir any pots.

Hope that clears up why I posted here specifically.


Interesting! I think I never myself experienced the speed-hack but also I’m usually not aware of what’s happening - I’m just shooting. But I have been defeated more often recently so maybe this is an explanation? What I see in the video definitely looks terrible. And you, @DopedGoat, you were consequently using a method for this to work and it doesn’t happen at random? I understand this is a friendly match and that you aren’t using the trick in ranked PVP.

No, I was showing how fast you can shoot normally Vs the hacker, he’s shooting at least twice as fast, maybe 3x

Yes, just clarifying that @DopedGoat is simply establishing a baseline for rate of fire and reload time.

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Ideally this is no longer an issue for the next bounty, and yes, harder to prove!

There is definitely a speed hack out there but i think you need a baseline for skill recharge that factors in the reduction made in your cooldown speed whenever you hit an opponent. You can’t say Dogface takes that long to charge every time because he definitely charges his skills quicker if you’re landing your shots. But regardless, your opponent was likely using the hack although it’s hard to tell for sure since he’s not moving…when heroes are shooting fast AND speeding from cover to cover, it’s easy to spot the hack.

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That reduction in cooldown when landing shots only applies to Dogface bronze skill though, not silver. His silver has a fixed amount of time unless influenced by something like Oracle bronze. I hear what you are saying though!

The speed hack was pretty obvious as well. CinematicSloth’s Dogface unloaded 18 bullets in 3 seconds: 6 per second!

Edit: That’s 4 times as fast as it should be (Dogface’s rate of fire, accounting for the 66% increase from his silver skill, is 1.53 rounds/sec (the exact number I got was 1.5272)).

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Thanks for that Dan, definitely more compelling evidence! It can’t be said it’s lag or animation issues simply based on the parameters vs. what we saw.

Also, I’m no longer sure that the issue is whether it is real or not, but how long it will take to get it fixed and for the accounts that use it to get banned, as was done with previous exploits.

I have seen this a few times as well and dog face is a big culprit I will be starting the PVP match shooting at the other team of course focused on their healer or something and I will see Dog run across super fast and three heroes will die instantly and we just started the match and they are at full health I am like WTF?

Sorry, looks like people have been flagging my original post - not sure if that’s moderators or people using the speed hack who want the truth hidden lol…

I don’t believe I said anything wrong. I was pretty respectful about it. Anyways, plenty of people saw the speed hack video before the post was hidden so I hope it did its job of creating discussion.

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People flagging it only shows that they have something to hide.