Is there some kind of cheating or exploit going on in pvp?

I just wanna know how some players can run from cover to cover so quickly - is there some sort of cheat?

And also some heroes like Dogface can reload their skills really quickly.

Does anyone have the same experience?

Yes there is
I dont know how but there is some glitch that people can use 3x speed on pvp so there heros reload shoot and charge skills 3x faster than the people who dont use it
Just make a screenshot after your match and report it to the support if your 100% sure that they going to fast
I already did it sometimes but dont see any change in it but hopefully they will change it with the next update

I have experienced this also i have a short video of someone i played against who had a flatline that could bolt across the screen faster than the rest of the team.

A developer on the VIP chat the other day declined this exploit. Personally I haven’t experienced it but reading so many reports is of course proving something shady is going on.

Got an email i will fwd my video to them

We absolutely need in-game ability to record pvp matches.

yeah, saves replay would be helpful and great

Ah okay!! I understand now why the guy kept reloading his skills so fast and 10s match. What a shame!

Remember to send us video or screenshots and rough times when you see this happening!

I’ve seen people move 10x as fast, warping from cover to cover, and no this is not lagg, the rest of the team behaves normal, and my heros act normal.

Mostly happens when you’re about to kill a panzer, then she gains super speed

I do know that if you are controlling Dogface manually and activate heavy CAL you use it up until you have one shot left than you activate fire at will which instantly reloads his clip and now you have heavy Cal and Fire at will active. You just keep repeating the process and you can wipe out heroes so fast.

What Huginn said. Send your reports to support.

Uhm, @jlm9912, that’s what everyone does while playing dogface :sweat_smile::joy:


Am I the only one that’s ever accidentally clicked reload instead of heavy cal? Talk about a game changer!

As far as the speed thing I’ve seen it happen occasionally in the middle of a match (panzer if drake gold is active, gale w no regularity) but I’m not going to start recording them all in hopes that it happens again.

You probably are :rofl:

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Heroes charge skills fast if you play them, theres plat skills that also buff others cant remember which hero has the increase movement and reload plat skill, but Oracle has a skill to increase skill recharge rate and gales heal recharges so fast. I havent come across this in pvp and have played a bit.
I feel this.might be people getting salty cause they suck at pvp but I could be wrong id like to see a video replay though.

yeah, there’s surge plat that buff one hero
and there’s oracle but its still need time to charge the skill first

I seen this yesterday while going against a Dogface, the Heavy Cal and Fire at will skill loaded so quick that resulted in massacring 3 of my heroes within a few seconds into the match.A replay feature would be great.

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