Subscription crate

Users deserve more out of subscription crate… instead of one drop every week. (Example; a drop and some type of gold) two drop wouldn’t kill you know.


Hmmm, kinda. I don’t think it’s a fantastic crate. I have let it renew since it launched and I get mostly 3* frags. One time I got like 6000 Gauntlet gems - that was nice, but in general it’s not a good deal.

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Yea those in my alliance who have tried it a few times agree its quite lack luster for a paid item. It definitely needs to be tweaked in some way. More pulls? More items per pull? Extra benefits? not sure but I certainly dont find value in its current state.

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Well said guys… ever since I subscribed to it… the most I got is a common frag. I’m really starting to get discourage to be honest. I hope the developers do something about the crate soon… anything that will motivate subscribers to keep going.

I did it for a month and cancelled.

3 of the weekly drops gave me 60 hero frags and 1 gave 90 frags. Not too bad but not beneficial enough to continue the subscription.

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Ya I think after this time I am canceling the subscription myself 19.99 a month for something I can get for free every month is a waste I haven’t got anything worth keeping it past this month I’ll cancel all I have to do is grind pvp I can get 60 element frags a day.the crate needs work

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Its crazy to compare this to the 1k gold a month for 4.99. That is waaaaaaayyyyyy better value than something that costs 4 times as much. If that helps the devs to put it into perspective.


How do I subscribe to it it says go online and it’s not working

Have you tried force-closing and restarting your game? If that doesn’t work, then send a ticket to in-game support via your profile page > Support > Contact Us.

I recently cancelled my subscription crate… hung on to it out of curiosity just to see what would happen. All I got, since it launched, was an endless stream of 60 frags common and occasionally 90 frags uncommon (which are seriously… yuck).

And after all this time, the percentage chances for the tier 1 and tier 2 drops have hardly changed significantly.

My advice is… the subscription crate is a Mega Bad Deal.

In fact, ist stands out as one of the Worst Ways to Spend Money in HH, in what is already a fairly competitive sea of other Bad Deals.

You are much better off spending your direct cash on other things. Save your money and do something else with it (and I am coming from VIP 13 close to 14).

The anticipation is great, hoping to get a 10* hero duplicate or the 450 universal frags, but the reality is a letdown almost every week. Since I’ve generally not been impressed with the rewards this month is my last unless they decide to improve it before the subscription time runs out. But why would they change anything as long as people give them money. O well.

Haha, couldn’t have said it better myself :joy:

I was subscribed to it for maybe 3 months. Initially i just did it to get some of the heroes i was missing. But i got most of them out of the x10 crates. The last month and a half or so, i was hoping to get Brogan but all i saw each time was the percentage rate go up and getting items or things i could be getting without it. so i stopped.

The latest set of specials to spend gold for skin tokens, quick win tickets, et al would like you to hold their beer while they put on a clinic.
Seriously though, I’m not gonna lie. Although the addition of alliance wars may prove otherwise, given the bad deals, handling—trying to sell him for $30, then not making him available otherwise, and last but not least, the departure of a dev, I’m wondering if hhg is running into financial issues. I really hope not. This game has been great for many of us but that relationship can go sour exponentially quickly if you don’t communicate/take care of your customers.

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