Carabina Step Up Crate

Just opened HH and got a crate called Carabina Step up Crate Available. It doesnt say what its contents are, just this

Is this deal for real? Reply is appreciated

Tap on the “i”! You’ll see all the contents.

Chances to get her, not guaranteed. I opened one and got some great heronium though.

Only got 60 of each lifter

This crate is completely crap and is a horrible cash grab its barely better than a hero crate


Wasted gold to get her thinking this was like previously new hero crates but nothing close

when you click on the “!” it shows you the percentage of getting the heroes. she has a little over 5% i believe and other heroes are at a 2%. idk what the 7* ones would be, but id assume it was 1% or below.

its an option to try and win. or you could just do the coop raid until you have her.

ok.thanks for the bit. Large chance to win her though.

well its only a large chance since she has a higher percentage to drop than the others.

i opened one and got Oracle fragments :man_shrugging:

400 bucks for the gold required to guaranteed unlock her. This is the most precious 3" hero ever. What happened to regular crates or special offers?

they’re probably on their way. Just be patient

Got Silver Banshee from the crate in two tries. Totally worth it. :blush::+1:

I got her in my third chest.

Anybody leveled her up yet? Please rate her ?/10. Thanks.

2 out of 10. She’s super weak

But like better than Shank? It about the same

I got her on the 2nd drop. Spent 600 gold. I’m not complaining.

I like her. She is a bit squishy but she’s going to be a bounty machine.

5% chance to get her i opened 4 tiers and got more 2% heros hmmmmm the math dont add up to me

I got her & again I’m not impressed. She’s just another version of Shank so far…But, cooler looking. Very disappointing!!

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