Carbina skin breaks an unspoken skin tier pattern!

Anyone ever look through the tiers of skins and see a pattern? While definitely a badass skin (one that I unfortunately missed out on due to lack of trades), this skin breaks an unspoken skin tier pattern… The her machine guns turn red with this new rare tier skin. Previously the pattern was common changes outfit colors, rare changes character/outfit design and colors, while purple can change all of those and the gun design. Blood wrath skin is the ONLY skin that breaks that pattern. Not even terracotta Titan does that. I’m just observant and wanted to throw that out there.

Good eye! Not a lot of people notice that.

Will it be available to get again for those who failed to get it from the crate?

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We’re not able to give out advance info about potential sales or availability of any item, now or in the future, unfortunately.

Wow, that’s really nice.