Skins dont waste dusts!

The skin idea that was released not so long ago was a fantastic cosmetic idea, however I have 1 big complaint about the issue. Why is it that common skins and rare skins have the exact same stat bonuses. Dog face for an example, if you dont have any of his skins why would you want to waste another 400 dust for his patriot skin if you can get his grizzly. I believe its the small details like this that would benefit the game, I understand the reason to why however if your looking at penny pinching matter its why waste that dust?

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His Patriot skin is cooler. He has a hat on.


As you said it’s a fantastic cosmetic idea, the purpose of having the same bonuses for all skins is that you can pick the one you like the most.


Would actually not have any bonus at all.
Now we’re handicapped if we don’t use our alternative skins even if we don’t like the cosmetic effect. Prime example: Ronin. I really don’t like his new skin - I really like his original skin though… But I don’t wanna miss out on those few extra % stat bonuses.

Yeah true, It’s still a work in progress, we’ll have multiple skins for every hero and hopefully an option to keep the bonuses but not the skins appearance

skins never should’ve provided a stat boost. A cosmetic item should never provide a competitive advantage over someone who hasn’t been able to win it by luck.

They took a step to correct that by making the “common” skin give the same bonus as the “rare” so that if RNG hates you (like me) you have the same competitive advantage. The root of the problem remains that skins give a competitive advantage when they shouldn’t.

That argument isn’t stone proof though. Everything is RNG based. Why is my Yanlong not as good as the one who just beat me in PVP? RNG.

there’s a difference between a “competitive advantage” and “RNG”

a Gold 3 Yanlong vs a Gold 3 yanlong should be equivalent right? RNG for damage in an AI vs AI match is what you’re talking about.

Dogface with his rare American Badass skin vs Dogface with no skin…now THAT is a competitive advantage.
Nightingale with her stripper nurse costume on a team vs her normal outfit is a competitive advantage.

Regardless of color/stripes, the skin made the difference. That’s NOT RNG. RNG is the opening of the crates, and someone could go 10, 20, 30 crates and never open the Nightingale skin, putting them at a competitive disadvantage vs anyone who got it on their first pull or who’s had it for weeks etc. I have the Nurse skin, I have the Dog skin…wanna guess how I got them? By getting Butter about 30 times!

A cosmetic upgrade should NOT provide a competitive advantage in a game where PvP is a focal point of play.

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I still don’t buy it a ø star Yanlong will be stronger than my 7 star Yanlong. Getting the Patriots skin is not hard if you play the game. In no time you’ll have more nano dust than you can possibly spend.
Getting 600 more Yanlong fragments though, is something that could take half a year to achieve.

If there were no levles, promotions etc. then I’d buy the argument but someone who got more luck in his crates will always have an advantage. That’s RNG.

But I agree that the skins shouldn’t alter the stats or give new abilities!

If you play street fighter and chun li has a blue outfit vs chun li in a pink outfit. Is there a difference? No, both characters are on a level playing field. The winner is either player skill or RNG.

If play Madden and pick the New England Patriots, does the color of their uniform dictate team strength? FIFA World Cup, MLB whatever…

Any game you play that offers an appearance change can be used here as an example of 5* Gold 3 Yanlong vs 5* Gold 3 Yanlong. It’s the same hero and only RNG will decide the winner right?

Now, let’s try this…Brock Lesnar vs a kid from your high school wrestling squad. That’s a 10* vs a 3* type of difference.

Now what if we went back and looked at Chun Li vs Chun Li…let’s say her blue outfit was normal, but the pink gave her a +10 to all stats and dmg. So now Chun Li pink has a competitive advantage just for wearing a different color. This is what skins did.

RNG and competitive advantage are very different. Don’t get lost in the details.

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How is it any different than any other aspect of the game though? I opened a few UAF crates last month and guess what? I kept getting crappy Baron. Got him 3x. Others opened them and got Oracle. Due to simple RNG, I was at a disadvantage during the bounties and PVP because I didn’t have Oracle unlocked and Baron does ■■■■ damage.

You are looking at the skins as a purely cosmetic addition, but they aren’t. They add stats. They are not that different than getting lucky RNG with equipment or hero frag crates. Sometimes you get lucky, other times you don’t. Everything in the game offers some sort of edge.


How about: every skin for a certain character give the same stat boosts, BUT the rarer the skin is, the bigger the boost (if Dogface’s common skin gives 10 extra damage, then his rare skin should give 15 extra damage, for example).

one think i know that the skins in this game is indeed boost stats but heroes power as well
kinda fair i guess

i understand that most RNG’s do not favor people, my girlfriend (whom I got addicted to the game) pulled not only prophet but pulled Sabator twice. The dust from my 9 butters and 8 becks come in handy after a while. So all skins are available to anyone if you put time into the game and farm for it. Would like to see a 4 stat for rare skins or a simple 20% to the current boosts on common skins for rares.