The Return of the...Skin? (Heroes losing personality)

I’ve always been a major cosmetics/character-design fan of HH, and have really appreciated the level of creativity and design that goes into a character. It really makes the game stand out as one of my personal favorites. However, one thing that has not been very prevalent is the addition of new skins for characters (in addition to unique voice lines, something that has not been done in a very long time :confused: ).

As much as I like the new idea of exclusive skins for characters, I believe it leans too far towards exclusivity alone, rather than having a mix of commonly accessible skins and neat, rare ones. Plus, there are a plethora of excellent heroes to use with many fan-originated ideas.

In addition, I have an idea as to how new common skins are released:

The common skins can be released alongside the rares in what is the equivalent of the blood wraith crate, and so people have a chance to obtain the collection. After 2 months or so, the skins would be added to the skin crate. (As with Blood Wraith and Terracotta Titan, the exclusive can be available ONLY through the crate for a limited time.)

All just a suggestion as to how new skins could add some incentive for resets.

With this in mind, these are some characters that could really use some love (Those that have no skins):

Kobold (an exceptional hero to use)
Min (Lot’s of potential with her simulator creator role).
Col. Wesson
Cinder (An old vet who really does deserve a skin)
Galante (the barista skin is callin’ mates, you gotta make it.)
Ifrit (lots of potential here)
Oracle (excellent skin candidate)
plus the KLG troops (Sentry, Kunoichi, Elite Rifleman, and Odachi)

There have been several great posts that have offered some excellent ideas. I understand that it takes time and effort to add these things, and I also know that there are higher priorities. However, I believe it opens more opportunities for people to use their hard-earned skin tokens, as well as a chance to see the ingenious creativity that the people of HHG possess for Hero Hunters.

…just a thought from your friendly neighborhood Community Bro.


I always think of this as the perfect skin for Galante… You have 20 seconds to comply…

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There is another great post that also gives some nifty ideas. If anyone has any candidates/ideas for a new skin, please leave it in a reply! Would also love to hear your feedback @LordNikon and friends.

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