Castellan Discussion

I’m a huge fan of Castellan’s design, Front line combat engineer capable of setting up a powerful static front line defence.

tl;dr at the end

He has the following abilities

  1. Sentry Gun - Deploy a sentry gun that fires at random enemies (has no element attack or defense)
  2. Shield Wall - Deploy a bubble shield to a teammate
  3. Auto-Repair - Repair the sentry gun when standing next to it
  4. Fortify - Give allies extra health and elemental armour

Castellan is far from perfect, he still has a few issues which should be addressed.

  1. His sentry gun currently deals almost no damage, as it currently is Castellan’s sentry gun possesses little to no threat.

Hivemind’s Drones have unique effects such as taunting or leeching health (Leech drones attack through cover) and heals teammates for 50% of the damage done.
Halloway’s Holo doubles deal a considerable amount of physical damage and elemental damage, they are also capable of receiving damage via Halloway’s gold skill “Synchronize” which distributes damage that he receives to his Holo doubles.

The glaring issue with Castellan’s sentry gun is that it deals no damage. It is extremely tanky which is nice but due to its low threat it doesn’t receive as much attention as Hivemind’s drones or Halloway’s holos. Castellan’s sentry gun needs to be given a “wow” factor, Hivemind’s drones possess taunt and heal teammates, Halloway’s clones dish out a considerable amount of damage and amplify Halloway’s abilities.

I believe that Castellan’s sentry gun should be given a characteristic which sets it apart. Like making it capable of destroying cover fast or maybe make it stronger as time goes on.

  1. Castellan’s sentry gun does not recharge while they are deployed.

I don’t have an issue with this however it is rather inconsistent
Hivemind’s drones do not recharge when they hit the cap (1 for taunt drone, 3 for leech drone)
Halloway’s holo doubles do not recharge when they hit the cap (3 holo doubles)
Hardscope’s healing drone ability recharges while the drone is alive. Hardscope cannot deploy 2 drones at the same time as deploying a new one destroys the old one,

Was this intentional or an oversight?

  1. Shield Wall does not recharge while it is deployed

Shield wall exists until the end of the wave or until it is destroyed. A major issue with Shield wall as it currently is is that one misplace can completely make the ability useless. The shield wall has a deploy time in which it flies to its destination, during this time frame it is possible for the receiver to die, once this happens this makes the shield wall completely useless. The shield cannot be destroyed and Castellan does not recharge the ability, this leads to Castellan’s shield becoming completely useless.

  1. Shield wall is just “Shield floor”

This is more a bug than an issue. Castellan’s shield wall doesn’t protect heroes/summons that are standing above or below the shield wall.
Let’s say there is a shield wall on Hivemind, Hivemind summons a drone that is in the area of the shield wall, the drone doesn’t receive the shield because it isn’t standing on the same floor as Hivemind is. This also happens to heroes who are standing below or above the shield wall on stairs.

  1. Auto-Repair is a rather weak gold skill

This is more of a continuation of my first point. It is nice to have Castellan be capable of repairing the sentry gun however it is rather useless as

  • The gold skill requires Castellan stand right next to his turret which severely limits the usefulness of this ability
  • Castellan’s turret doesn’t draw fire from the enemies as it doesn’t deal any damage or have taunt. it has no threat and because of that enemies ignore it, thus making the gold skill rather useless.

I propose a different remake to the gold skill Auto-Repair.

New gold skill “Upgrade”
Castellan continuously repairs and upgrades his Sentry Turret while he is standing next to it.

  1. After “x” amount of seconds of Castellan standing next to his sentry gun Castellan boosts the sentry gun’s damage armour by “x” amount. Castellan also repairs it passively while standing next to it
  2. After “x” amount of seconds of Castellan buffs the Sentry Turret giving it “x” amount of armour and giving it taunt. Castellan also repairs it passively while standing next to it

I’m no balance expert hence why I haven’t put in any numbers, these are just suggestions on how to rework his gold ability. I’m not saying implement both, I’m just chucking out ideas on what it could be.


  • Sentry Turret deals little to no damage
  • Shield wall is bugged protecting only people standing on the same floor
  • Gold skill is rather useless in its current state

Thanks for reading this.
This is my first forum post haha


Nice contribution to this forum… What I would say is that apart from Castellan’s Silver, the rest of his skills are in dire need of a buff.

Having said that… I have encountered high level Castellans in pvp (8 stars, Gold 2+, 40K power per player)… Shield Wall is crazy, crazy, crazy good. Cast it on your allied Panzer and she CANNOT be taken down. It’s seriously deity-like invincibility.

Because of that I always try to take out the serious looking Castellans before they cast Shield Wall.

5, 6, stars and below, not high priority. But 8 stars, Gold++… pay attention to them.

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Yeah I do agree, Castellan’s shield wall is hands down his best ability, the shield is extremely beefy and does its job of protecting people, however the issue lies in his bronze skill and gold skill.

His turret is rather useless due to its lack of damage and his gold skill is rather useless due to the turret being rather useless and not drawing any fire.

I honestly reckon his gold skill needs a re-work.

Castellan definitely needs a rework, since half of his skills are some of the worst in the game, while the other half are some of the best. His bronze and gold have very little utility, essentially because his turret doesn’t do anything but act as a paperweight. However, his silver is an amazingly strong shield, and his platinum adds more bonus health passively than any other hero. He has so much potential, but he needs to be addressed before he can really stand out.