Thoughts on hivemind

I’ve noticed that hivemind is an awesome healer but he definitely lacks health. Now mind you I have him at 8 star platinum stripe 1 but I definitely think he could go good with nightingale and heimlock at the very least if you like using healing teams.

Hive doesn’t deserve a spot with Heim in pvp, Phalanx or Mandrake are better choices for the 2nd tank with Heim

Hivemind’s taunt drone usually draws fire of AI opponents, but on PvP doesn’t work as well. He can heal, but most healing is from a destroyed drone and people usually ignore his drones because they do little healing. He does deal more damage than Heimlock though.
Another purpose is to abuse Ronin’s plat skill along with xianjiu and Galloway :stuck_out_tongue:

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Dream team ronin hive mind xian Holloway healer to abuse the plat lol

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I have him at 10 stars & 4 bars and he definitely needs a buff.

The ability for him to heal his drones like Castellan does would really help.

The drones can heal each other, but honestly getting them destroyed is better because they heal every time they’re destroyed if hivemind is at plat

Hivemind suffers the same fate most front and mid line energy heroes do, and that is he is shredded by the plethora of high DPS mech heroes. Shiv, 4-Cep, Panzer, and even Dogface make pretty short work of him.

To make it worse, unlike most other energy heroes, he has a long ramp up time getting all of his drones out. I really wish the devs would start heroes that can spawn extra AI with 1 out right at the start. Hivemind, Xianjiu, and Halloway would all really benefit from this and might even be viable in PVP. Cast would be the only one who doesn’t need it since he becomes a beast once his turrets are out.

Hivemind is not for pvp . He has enough health but his skills don’t work for pvp.use in other places like coops. The round peg doesn’t fit in the square hole.


Hive isn’t bad if you pair him with halo a shield, a healer and a dps hero. His drones with halo do a lot of damage

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I agree with what I think the majority is saying here, which is that with Ronin and/or Halo he can add reasonable DPS in PVP, but you have to tailor the rest of that team to make Hivemind not die before the drones come online. Without those guys, Hivemind doesn’t seem to do a great job in PVP, but he is good in long missions. Because of Halo and Ronin though, he not obsolete for PVP.

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he seems ok. dies very fast. if you can manage to get drones out, then you might last few minutes longer. but still, hes there

Castellan is the only PVP viable guy. Hive is the only PVE viable guy. The rest are only good for the trash heap.

SSS: Please clarify what you mean by “only”. Did you mean Castellan is the “only PVP viable Frontline Energy hero?” Because Vanguard, Phalanx, Baron, Butter, Gammond?

Ha…Gammond…Hilarious, Gammond down in the dunps after his nerf, heard he does some heavy drinking at night. He also cries in the corner with his rifle, reminding himself of the good days

We were talking about spawn heroes.

Hivemind has his place. He is perfect for pve and bounty as he is. Not all hero’s are designed for Pvp.

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Looks like we’re getting anew summoner maybe, striker, looks good.