CCKzCope: Major Update Change Needed!

I’ve been thinking about a way to make the game more fun for players who’ve been here for a while. The most common things we run out of in game is cash and stamina. In my opinion, i don’t think devs have a solution to over abundance of quick win tickets. Here’s two options I’d like to recommend: a. Make quick win tickets only for replaying missions no stamina used or b. Turn them into Stamina Vouchers meaning 1 ticket is equivalent to say 10 stamina.

Another change I’d like to recommend is to Gauntlet. Add a CoOp Gauntlet Survival Mode. This gameplay feature allows 2 players to kill hoards of heroes ranging from bronze to plat. Players have the option to change heroes if they wish to stay after defeating the boss on every 5th wave. The longer you stay, the more rewards you get. Cash and Gauntlet gems are still attainable alongside extra random rewards, such as 3.5k Gauntlet Gems, $250k in-game cash, or even hero type frags (mech, energy, bio). For matchmaking, it would be the same as any other CoOp Raid, auto or invite. I havent figured out what the VIP Bonuses could potentially offer in this game mode. I accept all feedback, whether negative or positive.


This would instantly destroy the progression model in the game - I’d instantly have 46,000 stamina :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree that something needs to be seriously reworked for gauntlet though. I know a few devs have expressed interest in making that happen, but as far as I know, there’s no ETA on that yet.

Oof the ticket to stamina and the no stamina ticket use will destroy progression and we have min’s danger simulator as a survival mode.

Gauntlet I like the idea for. Could be an interesting addition. Quick win/stamina not so much. I’d have 39,000 stamina pretty fast.

I am a fan of this idea, it will be fun

This is what I was thinking. The min damage simulator seems like it will be an endless gauntlet function. Seems neat to me.

I like your idea about the gauntlet; for stamina itsis not bad as well.

I like the creativeness here. We are working on easing Bucks supply but gently so as to not make them so abundant that they lose value. We’re always looking for want we can use QWT differently, so keep sharing those ideas.

When it comes to your Co-op Gauntlet Survival idea, I like the direction you’re going and I think you will have a lot of fun with Min’s new Danger Simulator.

I would like to see a cash trade in value for xp and quick win tickers. Maybe give half or even a fourth the xp value as dollars if you trade it in? So a 25,000 gold xp traded would give you 12.5k or 6,250 cash. Make each quick win ticket give something like 100 cash each.

This would be enough to help people who have a huge surplus of these things get rid of them, but not break the economy.