More Money Making Opportunities - Survival Mode Maybe?

I really enjoy this game and find it to be the only game I play consistently. With that said as the game has reached 65, and skill costs continue to be on the rise I find myself begging for cash. I do all five runs of gauntlet (twice) daily which nets me over 1M cash, but with the cost of skills, and having 3-4 skill on each character I can afford to upgrade maybe 5-6 heroes a day? and that is if each skill only needs 1 point. Any who, even with my mission runs and what not I am left with the choice of upgrading a few skills, or having money to craft parts. Not a real game ender, just a little frustrating.

Not one to identify an issue and not provide ideas on solutions, I would say that adding another tier or two to gauntlet would be interesting and a good way to pump up a the cash flow. Another idea I had and the officers in my alliance are fond of would be a Survival type event. Essentially Gauntlet but you only get 1 team and it does as many rounds as it can until they are all dead. Each round passed gets you a little higher cash value until you can’t go any further and you cash out. No need to add tokens for a survival store, just an added way to make some cash. If you want, put like a 10 round cap on it and if you clear the tower you get a lump sum and maybe 5 gold or something to spice it up.

As long as there is cash I don’t really care if there is anything else.

Again love the game, thanks for taking the time to read this.


Hey @JRichards, thanks for the feedback! Survival Mode is something we’re talking about often as a team. Good to know you guys want more bucks as well! I’ll pass this along.


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