Gauntlet Updates Incoming!

Gauntlet has been a core part of the Hero Hunters experience since the game launched. We haven’t iterated on it much since then, as we felt it served its purpose well. Regardless, Gauntlet updates have been one of our most highly-requested features, and we’ve listened to your pleas!

Let’s take an early look at the in-development Gauntlet changes coming with the June 2019 update!

Note: All UI and specific details/values subject to change*

Quick Win!

Your most-requested feature has been granted! Starting with the June 2019 update, Gauntlet will automatically reset each day. Manual resets will no longer be offered. When you log in, you’ll be able to reset, or Quick Win the first five Sectors to instantly gain Daily Quest progress and all of the Bucks and Gauntlet Gems you would have earned playing!

This option will unlock once you’ve beaten the first five Sectors of Gauntlet in your current Bracket. If you move up to a new Bracket, you’ll need to beat those five Sectors to unlock Quick Win again.

By being able to Quick Win the majority of the Gauntlet experience if they choose to, we hope to address concerns that Gauntlet is a bit of a slog for some users who can easily beat the current content.

You might be asking what Brackets are, or why we keep talking about the “first five Sectors.” Keep reading!


The higher your Team Power, the better the payouts! If you break into a new Bracket, you’ll need to beat the first five Sectors of Gauntlet again to unlock Quick Win for that Bracket. The difficulty of the missions won’t change, but the rewards will increase!

This change addresses complaints that Gauntlet didn’t provide worthwhile rewards as players increased in strength. The stronger you are, the more you should get as recognition for that strength.

New Sectors!

Gauntlet now features seven Sectors! The first five will function as they do now. Once you’ve completed the first five or used Quick Win to pass them, you can access the sixth and seventh Sectors during that day. These Sectors will require special Gauntlet Tokens to access, which you can purchase for Gold. Prepare for an extreme challenge and larger prizes! You may face some teams with power levels far beyond what a player can currently achieve!

This change also addresses feedback regarding Buck payouts by giving you more chances to earn even more Bucks. It’s a risk/reward system for players with a healthy stable of high-powered Heroes and some Gold to spare, and is totally optional.

VIP Changes!

Since we reset your Gauntlet every day, VIP 10+ no longer gets an extra reset every day.

Instead, if you’re at a high enough VIP level to earn an extra reset, you’ll get double Buck and Gauntlet Gem payouts for any Gauntlet match you win! Same effort, twice the rewards! Twice the Blitz progress for qualifying events, as well!

This change comes from feedback regarding VIP 10+ players essentially needing to play twice as much Gauntlet to get the benefits of their high VIP level. No more!

There are some other behind-the-scenes changes that should improve the overall experience. We hope you’re excited about these new changes to Gauntlet! The above improvements are scheduled to go live to players with the June 2019 update! Let us know in the comments which new addition you’re most excited for!

**UPDATE 5/30/2019:**

Two things to add!

  1. When you’re given the option to Quick Win the first five Sectors, whatever Heroes you used to beat them on your previous run will be locked in. So, you won’t be able to use Quick Win as a way of saving your best Heroes for Sector 6 and 7. You’ll need a good roster to survive!

  2. If you choose not to Quick Win when given your prompt at the beginning of the day, you’ll opt out of the option for the day. You’ll have to play manually, in that case.


This is fantastic! I LOVE the power brackets! can’t wait for the challenge, thanks devs!



Get hype!


Awesome excited for the changes. Few questions tho. You said we get double buck for VIP 10 higher does that include gaunlet gems as well? And during events that require a certain hero will we be getting double points for that also?

Finally, quick win Gauntlet if we’ve passed it a “few times”. Also fun with some extra challenges trying to push some limits. Thx HH :clap:


I was super excited about quick win of gaunlet but that 100 quick win tix was buzz killer for me. I am definitely going to run out of quick win tix and will have to manually do it anyways.



I’ll find out and update when I find out!

Ty I truly hope that is the case. Only reason I went to VIP 10. For the gems lol

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I’m out of quick wins :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:


Update: Yes on the 2x gems for VIP 10+.

As for the 2x Blitz score for VIP 10+, it’s a factor the team is aware of, but there’s no news to share at this time.

I am about to go on top of a mountain and scream FINALLY!


Very excited about the changes. Can’t wait!!!

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FINALLY!!!Something I can spend quick wins on. 39k of them. SWEEEEET

Looks good. Im happy i will not lose the benefit of my vip level and extra Sectors will be a nice change. Look forward to seeing how it turns out. :slight_smile:

That is so awesome. Gauntlet matches are once more exciting

Awesome I’m glad there gonna be new sectors I actually like playing gaunlet its the only time I get to use most of my hero’s awesome job guys💯

Oh this looks good! The conceptualisation looks like this ticks all the boxes that players have been requesting for. In this regard although simply releasing QW just as a feature woulda done it for (I guess) 95% of the player base, the team went further than that and - at least make a serious try - to improve the entire gauntlet experience itself.

I am hoping that the final release will be smooth, glitch free and enjoyable for everyone.


Had it been released or yet to release @Muninn

I am very excited for this, I dont look forward to doing my daily grind of gauntlet. So this will break up that boredom.
@Muninn is there any news on if the Gauntlet store will change back? Or if that’s not possible to answer, will we still get our every day log in quick win tickets for being higher VIP?

Thank you so much devs. This is much appreciated. I am pleased that you have listened to the community. Again. Thank you for listening and your work is really appreciated.