Stamina gives me headache

In the past, newly acquired stamina makes me happy. I still remember receiving 1.07k Stamina reward last alliance war. So excited to spend them wherever I want to get those frag I needed. Always looking forward to those 12pm, 6pm, 9pm bonus stamina. It is a joy.

But everything change with the newly introduced Gauntlet.

My daily income of QW ticket is 75-85 but Gauntlet alone takes 100.

To adapt, I no longer use QW ticket on mission but playing them auto 3X speed instead. It is okay at first but v quickly the fatigue begins.

Newly acquired stamina no longer boost up my spirit to engage the game. It gradually becomes a burden needed to be managed. I miss the daily doses of happiness HH has given me.

Please consider lowering the quick win ticket needed for Gauntlet.


How many tickets for u use each day? I have 15k+ and I get around 70 a day

I would suggest running for gears (14-16 ones) as well as fragments, since farming gears isn’t as easy, I quickly use my stamina up on gears when I am busy with far fewer runs than I do for fragments.

You could continue to go manual with Gauntlet. I know it is hard but I think it is doable with well thought character replacement beforehand. I do my gauntlet in around 20-25 minutes. I am sure running 50 missions (hard) take far longer than that, and going through those screen from starting mission to replaying is lot more engaging than 15 gauntlet stages.

I am not happy with way it is but I still manual my Gauntlet and it takes only, say 10-20 more minutes at max and otherwise I use around 30 tickets daily. I stack up tickets so that I don’t have to play run missions/gauntlet during Bounty. During last bounty it took dip from +600 to 190 odd. Now they are around 300.

Good Luck!