Cell: Germaphobe

2* Bio-chem

Cell: Germaphobe
Mid-Line Bio-chem
Medium Health
High Defense
UAF Airborne

-Marksmans Rifle: Mitochondria
-High damage
-2 shots per second
-6 bullets per clip
-2 second reload

Originally just the UAFs janitor. Since they were running out of resources and personnel, they had to hire someone who would do more at no extra expense, and even trained him on how to use a gun in case he faced an intruder. He later accended what little ranks the uaf had, and was even found with his own disinfectant kit, running around giving shots to those he deemed "dirty". Hes kinda cool now. He even got his own codename.

Cleanse all allies of debuffs, and for each debuff cleansed, throw a needle at a target afterwards dealing medium Bio damage.

Shield an ally with a sealed shield, making them immune to all debuffs. The shield has a Medium/High amount of health, but lasts until destroyed. If pointed at a teammate, shield them. If pointed at an enemy, shield himself.

(G)Dirty Needles
Every debuff needle has a 75% to inflict the victim with the status effect cleansed. Each time a debuff triggers, deal Small Bio damage over 10 seconds.

§*I.m.m.u.n.e. System
Everyone who had a status effect cleansed by vaccine, gains a charge of (Immunity). If they get inflicted again, the duration is cut in half and they heal a moderate amount of health after. Each charge lasts for 15 seconds and stacks twice.

*Disclaimer: Immune doesnt actually stand for anything and just looks cooler.

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