New Concept Hero: Atlas - Bionic Woman

Element: Energy
Faction: Airborn UAF
Position: Frontline

Hp 3/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 2/5
Skills 3/5

One day or day one.
You decide.
Alternative Protectress - 6 million dollar woman.
The brightest scientists and the latest technologies have managed to create the perfect combination of beauty and power.
And, what’s more, she’ also vice-commander of the UAF Airborn

Bronze: Swarm Of Shields - the hero launches into the air 5 small drones that will position themselves on the heads of the allies providing them with a shield that will absorb wire to 70% of incoming damage and then destroy themselves after 10 seconds.

  • The shield can be deactivated in advance by destroying the drone.
  • When a drone is destroyed, the hero reloads the skill by 5%.

Silver: Vortex - The hero creates an air cone that sucks in all enemy bullets addressed to her, using them to reload and increase the ammunition capacity of the weapon.

  • The air cone lasts for 5 sec.

Gold: Sharing - Vortex has a 50% chance to share the bullets drawn to the allies and increase their damage by 5%.

  • The fewer allies there are on the team, the more the chance and damage increases.

Platinum: Mass Control - When the hero points at the same target for 3 seconds without shooting, the Allied AI will automatically follow the hero’s aim while shooting with the player at the same time.

  • If the target dies or changes target, the skill will be deactivated and will not be reactivated before 10sec.

Appearance: is a young, tall, beautiful woman.
She has short brown hair with a blue lock, apart from her arms her body is covered with synthetic leather.
She wears a sleeveless jacket, a black half shirt, dark jeans and running shoes.

is the closest appearance to what I imagined.

Her Weapon:
The “Mini-Defender” is a small silent smg.
It has a large amount of ammunition, high rate of fire and an exceptional aim, but the damage is very low.

shooting rate : 9.31
ammunition capacity : 50
recharge time : 1 seconds
damage : Low

A bit of Backstory:
I can’t reveal anything about how they built her and how they used her.
if I did, they’d come and get me.
apart from being the vice of the Airbone UAF it is said that she is related to…
Lost connection


when Mass Control is activated it is as if you were using all the heroes at the same time, only the skills can not be activated otherwise it would have been too op in my opinion.
Vortex sucks up every single bullet and inserts them into the hero’s weapon magazine, loading it if you have little ammunition or increasing the magazine itself.
Sharing shares the aspirated ammo with the allies and only slightly increases the damage.
If you have Panzer or another hero who does big damage in the team, they could shoot more or less endlessly.


Finally a exsiting fraction! Thank you!

what’s that supposed to mean?

you use a exsiting fraction to your hero concepts

S.W.A.T., SAR112 and Global Forces are my stuff, can I use them as I want, no?
Do I have to use only the existing factions?

if I seem too aggressive to you, I’m sorry I’m slightly stressed and at this moment I’d bite off the neck of the first one who passes in front of me

I like this character design as well. Funny that I saved the exact same photo for a potential future (unwritten) hero. Pinterest is very useful for that kind of stuff.