Viewing and comparing stats

So I know many of us view/rate heroes by 2 main things - their skills and their stats (fire rate, clip size, and reload time as well, but that is secondary). But comparing guys stats is hard; some are 3 star, some are 5, some are gold 2, some are silver 1. Its hard to get apples to apples when you are choosing your tanks, dps, etc etc.

I know some of this comparing is coming in the next update, but that is mainly for comparing you against your opponents. This is awesome, but I want to be able to look at my heroes and know who has the best stats at 1-10 stars to know if they are worth my time investment when they are at their base stats.

To simplify what I’m getting at, right now a hero stat screen looks like this:


Good for looking at your current stats, but something like this seems more favorable to compare with:


The idea here is to show current, base stats at lvl 1, max stats at their natural star level (I know Nightingale is a 1 star, but this was just for effect), then finally max stats at max stars. Aside from current and base stats, the others would assume the hero is at lvl 50 (or whatever the max is at the time) as getting a hero to max is fairly easy to do. Most people reach player/hero level max in less than a couple weeks.

This doesn’t seem like a big thing for the dev to do IMO, but huge in my book to knowing what are the best base stats and what are the baseline stats for hp, armor, damage, etc etc. as well as how much the stats for each given hero changes over time.



Really good idea but I think you should make the max 3 star to 5 stars since is the middle of the upgrades

Im all for showing more data for when it makes sense. It all depends on what people think are useful to determine if a hero is worth it or not. If a hero is farmable, having more star calculations is always a good idea.

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