Change Passive Skills as Active Skills that are no longer as effective by the level

Uploading: 88667C9D-2C01-44D5-877E-62F8252B0AD5.png… Possibly heroes already have their passive as active skills may not be as effective as before, For example Heckler

Heckler for now has a life of 613k and he has a passive ability that is platinum and it is my pitiful the passive ability that Heckler has called “Meeting” that only restores him 20k, Heckler bears with a lot of shots of enemy heroes I lose like 500k of life and his passive ability that only restores him 20k of life only when an allied hero must to lose 50% of his life? … He said, it is very little life is that passive ability for the amount of life that Heckler has. apart from that heckler kills himself with his own ability that only makes his plasma bullets more powerful

There is also another example The heroine Bucket, his active ability "Powerful shooting does very little damage and that I have it in Platinum +3 and apart from that it takes a good one to shoot the cannon of that skill

You can also in the comments say that hero is not much use your skills nowadays

Tú y tu heckler. Ya deberías hablar de otra cosa :slight_smile:

What do you want me to talk about then? Or are you only opting to think?

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