Heckler behaving odd?

This definitely looks like more than 10 micro missiles. 20?
And they all seem to hit random targets, not exclusively the target with the lowest health. Is this an issue? Or me misunderstanding it all?


ohh. so i wasn’t just dreamin. i also experienced a team wide barrage from heckler.

Maybe we’re both dreaming!
I kinda want the low-health target thing. It’s so fun and evil to pump 10 (20?!) missilies onto someone who’s already almost dead.

Well I guess the update made him…


sorry. :rofl:


doood! my cofeee…

In the draft PVP he works as intended. Maybe it’s his Platinum status making him misbehave?

i leveled him to silver. same thing happens. still not fixed.

It’s a sad commentary on the state of balance when a hero can do 5x the intended damage with their skill and they still aren’t even a competitive PVP choice even after they’ve been given 2 previous buffs.

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My Heckler’s doing fine in PVP often.
I never paid attention to the damage this glitched version of his skill does. I see more missiles for sure but does it deal more damage than usual?

Same damage, its just that all characters are damaged, so if paired with halo could be very devastating.

What the heckler??

I actually like his glitched version because it wipes out a lot of biochem healers fast like moss or heimlock

I miss the old Heckler, mostly because his missile skill was kinda unique. Now it’s better but just another AoE.

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