Heckler’s his own worst enemy

I got Heckler from my first 10x hero crate and really enjoyed playing with him but I eventually realized his bronze skill, overcloak, is one of the worst in the game and hurts heckler more than it helps him 99% of the time. His skill is very similar to dogface’s since it basically just raises the damage on his shots but poor heckler has to inflict damage to himself to activate it and it only lasts 10 secs where dogface takes no damage and doesn’t have a time limit. Then HH comes out with a legendary skin for Heckler that changes overcloak to supercloak so I’m thinking “sweet HH is going to remove the self damage so this skill will finally be useful” but nope, they actually make it worse so now he takes 15% MORE damage from enemies too. Am I the only one laughing my butt off at how worthless this skin is?? Since a few seconds of the 10 secs are spent reloading, you actually get about 7-8 secs of increased damage (basically 1 clip). So you end up reducing your health AND taking 15% more damage now?? No thank you supercloak…you are clearly not super to me.

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I think he needs infinite ammo for duration so he doesn’t have to reload for the whole 10 seconds.


I am not a fan of Overclock. Steele does it better.
Hecklers self-harm is too bad, it doesn’t motivate the extra damage. I’d like to see him restore the lost health after the 10 second duration!
His Silver and Gold skills are sweet though.

Completely agreed, this skin isn’t worth it, it actually lowers the damage done by a few points.

AND it makes him look odd. Original Heckler looks amazing.

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Agreed, his ulti skin should remove clip reload and damage to self.

That would make it worth the “legendary” status at least

To be completely honest Heckler is my best Hero, and for me his ability is no problem. One thing is that you aren’t doing in combining it with his micro missiles and with his hammer rounds, he actually becomes pretty good. With all of those together for me he can do around 20,000 damage for ten shots Now a good hero to combine with him is Razorback or Matador because of their taunt abilities, taking attention off of himself. Also with Kobold’s shields and healing it makes up for it all the way. Just some suggestions for things that have worked for me.

Good call dude. IMO, Heckler’s overclock could use some more work, but it’s not that terrible. But if it’s buffed that you get either increased ammo, increase the duration, or unlimited clip, the better
P.S. i agree that increasing self damage from the skin is bad though