Heckler's Homing precision needs work

When i launch this skill it goes off never knowing who it may hit. Its suppose to hit the hero with the lowest remaining health, however that is npt the case, idk if it doesnt hit a hero because they are healing at the time but many times itll just go off randomly and i end up getting killed in pvp because it didnt hit who it was suppose too, now i just shoot with him instead of using that skill because its such a risk and waste of time if its not hitting who its suppose to hit.


I guess it flies off randomly because it constantly seeks the weakest hero? So if the weakest hero is constantly fluctuating that might be the cause.

Also, Galante laughs at your trivial complain of random firing missiles.

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His proper name is Godlante.


Missiles may be affected by taunting. Also, it says “targets those with the lowest health” not people with lowest health percentage. If butter had 50% while kuno had 75%, it might target kunoichi because her healthpool is much smaller.

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Yeah Heckler’s missiles are a bit stickler when it comes to targeting. I haven’t really noticed a pattern in regards to taunting vs health percentage. This might be better answered by the devs who created his skills.

I started a thread about this issue at the beginning of this faction’s month. On more than 1 occasion I have someone down to a sliver of health, tap for the missiles and they not only don’t seek out that weakened hero, they seek out a full strength mech. At that point he might as well use spitballs. And like you, shortly after that he’s killed and the weakened hero ends up getting healed. One response was for devs to keep this through this months for bounty purposes. I’d wait to use his missile after all support has been eliminated on the first leg, then found on the second since the support sends in reinforcements, the missiles still wouldn’t necessarily hit the bounty, but would target the support.

Oh no im talkin less than 10k health and they seek out someone with full health. I dont even use that skill anymore, taunting? Thats ridiculous. Ghouls molotovs flames may as well hop off of the hero that its burning and jump onto butter cuz butter just taunted. No other hero in the game that is player controlled is affected by a taunt. Im no rookie, they have a mind of their own. Nothing to do with percentages. Someone with a sliver of health and they hit a target at full health, then boom hecklers dead and target that was almost dead is right back at full health for missing every single missile. Also barons stun glitches and is sometimes like 45 seconds long if youre lucky and it actually stops electricuting you and the wall glitches. Those 3 things are the only things in the game i have an issue with. Heckler being the biggest issue

It seems like if that’s the case, taunting works fine if not great. Taunting is supposed to draw enemy fire, and drawing hecklers skill. Now the problem is hecklers skill being essentially useless. I would change it to shoot at a single enemy of player choice. Perhaps that would make good ol heckles op, but I don’t think so.

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