PVP hero control, and auto-play options

Could we have the option to choose auto-play before the battle starts in PVP mode? And during events where we have to use a particular hero, give us the option to choose which hero we want to control, BEFORE the battle starts!

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If you have auto on it stays on untill you turn it off again. Even if you start a new match.
You always controll the hero on first position. If you want to control a specific hero, just put him in the first slot.

But in PvP brawls like the last Cinder Showdown you are forced to start controlling Cinder, since you can’t move her from the first spot.

Thats what OP is asking to change.

Forgot about that. Yes it is quite annoying. Would be good, if you could choose which hero you want to control, while the matchup is shown.

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