HH is becoming an auto game (but in a wrong way)

Since there’s a hero frag daily limit, there is no more a playmode which really requires to put a lot of atention on it, just PVP but maybe in events.


Despite the challenge (if it means something or gives you something valuable) of completing 90 level coop raid, there’s no a reason why you should play it due the daily hero fragment and, since coop raid’s essence is playing with a mate (who will give you his/her trade) you can basically autoplay level 55+ and you’ll reach the hero frag limit.

So, if we add everthing, we’ve got missions you’ve completed, solo raid, PVP when there’s no event, coop raid for gears and now coop raid are totally autoplay modes. Oh, and of course challenge where you can just select heroes and press the 3x speed button.

Player: Chooses to autoplay the game he’s chosen to play.
Also Player: *“Waaaah!”. :frowning: *

Wow, what a funny thing spending 10minutes in exactly the same Solo Raid level since one year ago cause I’ve already beat it, spending 15 min in gauntlet, plus the missions, plus coop raid.

I mean, if you are not rewarding level 85+ or level 90+ coop raid, put an auto button in lower levels cause we’ll get to the max daily frag tho. I’ve got 9k autoplay tickets being useless there.

And your constructive suggestion is.
Playing is boring, autoing is boring, so…? The game is what it is and while it changes a bit it won’t turn into a completely different game. Accept that or not.

You’re getting Alliance War, Easter Egg Hunt, Min’s Simulator all in one month… And you still think the timing of this criticism is optimal?

As you said, since there is not gonna be a real change in this gamemodes, at least put automode in gauntlet and coop.

Easter egg which you’ll take a week (or maybe a little bit more to complete), Min’s Simulator which you can complete in half an hour…and we’ll have no more till summer? Halloween?

Implying War Alliance is not an auto game mode too. You go into the game, read instructions from your leader, maker your atacks, set your defense and how much time of F U N did you get? 2-3 minutes?

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