Changing daily prize

Can we change from Cinder for the daily prize?

nooo!!!1 that would mess up people who use cinder as a heronium farm


Nope, terrible idea, don’t take away my heronium source, I will destroy anyone taking my cinder frags


Sure, why not. How about Godlante :rofl:


Horrible idea to change her now or ever. People have worked hard to make her 10* just for that reason why piss everyone off

Since Ive started there’s been surge, matador, and cinder. Changing it to cinder helped me get her 10*. As much as I’d hate to see her go they definitely need to change things up. Games been kinda stale since the last thing they’ve changed/added was war

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I had to search for something, but I found it

Cinder replaced Salvatore that was July 2018

I’m generally in favor of the Daily Quest heroes being replaced by others

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Yeah I played when Salvatore was a daily quest hero and there is no good hero to change the daily quests to now

No, because a lot of people farm heronium from her, and a lot of people who upgraded her to farm it don’t want their work lost, plus back in the days we used to have Salvatore as daily one, I have him as 9 star and 500 frags almost only by daily objectives, gives great opportunities and also helps a lot of new players

They need to change it. I’m 2 years of playing it’s been matador, surge, and now cinder. Cinder has been in it for way too long anyone playing this game over 2 years should have all 3 of those maxed already. If they don’t only focus on one or two hero’s overall

I think it should just stay like this, I understand you want variation but it’s been like this for a long time and helps out a lot of players

Maybe they should make a monthly cycle of like 3 to 5 heros so as to please everyone

Twice a year change isn’t unreasonable, Cinder been around waaay too long.

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dare i say i agree with @Robert_Pronk

constant heronium source when I was mid-game for sure

Make Godlante Great Again!

I agree, we need a brand new hero. A hero we don’t have at all in the game.

Some might argue about farming, but to be honest some hero’s change in the hard campaigns. Those being ones you can’t farm because their gone. So it makes sense to have someone new and refreshing. Something to work hard for. I remember there being different hero’s before to collect. Cinder has been on here too long. I rather get new hero’s every few months or so. We might not have all hero’s maxed out, but we all do have most of the hero’s.

I would say having a new hero we don’t have brings some flare. Brings curiosity in how s/he plays out. Will they be good for war? It’ll spice up what became a routine for us. Some are claiming they are bored with routines. What if they add a few new hero’s for the daily’s in total. From surge, cinder, matador, and maven, they replace them with entirely 4 never before seen hero’s. I bet more would be excited, more to sign in, to just to try to get all 4 new hero’s. Even create more of a revenue if they are in chests. Why spend gold on hero’s we mainly all have? This would create a ripple from the routine. It will create hype.

Honestly, they should probably also add a new faction or two. At least 10 hero’s but I say more. Different ways to earn them as well. I know people also ask for new pvp backgrounds. Maybe the faction can have a new design that ties a link to them. Maybe the new daily hero belongs to this faction.

Endless possibilities.

Yeah please change the daily rewards. Devs can take a poll on the discord to see how many of us agree.

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Taking a poll on Discord would eliminate the 90 percent of players who don’t use that third party chat app. Having a poll on the forums would eliminate the 60 percent of players who don’t have a forum account.

Cinder has something about her design that allows all players to like her. This is rare to pull off. Removing any daily reward heroes would jeopardize getting some players to even finish the daily rewards. Finishing daily’s is the first goal to get a player hooked. Without the drive to complete daily reward, it would hurt the game immensely for old and new players continuity combined.

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New hero sounds great cinder is getting old