New Daily Quest Heroes?

Does anyone else want new daily quest heroes? We’ve had the same ones for a long time now, and I think it’s time we have new ones…

Does anyone else agree? Say your thoughts and who the new heroes would be…


I like the idea. But i think they are enough, to own in earlier play. And i believe they were meant to give to NEW PLAYERS, not for Senior like us.

Surge for pausing enemies skill.
Matador for breaking any covers + his decent team healing.
Both bio (maven&cinder) are preety handy too, and able to inflict area damages.

(plus they were all have decent health+armor too, if able to control them)

And dont forget to separated them into “old hero lineups” & “new hero lineups (in recent 1year)”.
Daily heroes were from Old Lineups.

Then for Free New lineups are there, gilded token/crates, imo :slight_smile:

I put this idea before you this before
Two months ago ! so the new players attacked me violently and they didn’t like the idea :sweat:
Best! depend on For every level! Or, your total power! daily quest heroes are different from one person to another ’
Perhaps this is fair to all

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